Apple's new iPad mini with Retina display starts at $399, first-gen iPad mini drops to $299



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    Let me just put it this way:  The disadvantages of a multi-user setup far outweight its benefits.  Thats why Apple is not doing it. 

    My example of the zoobies game is if a kid plays the game while his father is login.  You would need to give rights for every single game or app you buy and select which user has what rights?  What a pain in the ass and a TON of work.  To me a tablet is just a larger phone.  Its meant to be a PERSONAL DEVICE not a community device.  Making it a community device will make it more cluttered and difficult to use.

    Did you not see the latest commerical for iPadAir?  Its all about simplicity.  While all the other tablet makes tout all their features and advanced tech the iPad focuses on ease of use.  iPad just works. PERIOD.  I want Apple to keep it that way.

    IMO There's zero downside for a tablet owner to have the option of multiple/limited user accounts. None whatsoever. You don't have to set it up for multiple users and if you don't then nothing at all changes. No disadvantage for the tablet owner. When Android tablets are set up for multiple users they are not more cluttered either. The only thing that logged in user sees and has access to are his own apps. The limited owners can't even alter device settings making it less likely to be borked. No reason for Apple tablets to necessarily behave any differently if multiple user profiles are permitted is there?

    The only disadvantage I can think of would be on the tablet manufacturers side with potentially fewer tablet sales. I think that would be the more likely reason Apple isn't doing it, not that there's overwhelming disadvantages for the tablet owner.
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    Marketing.  The press and people get swayed when they see huge lines.  It builds hype and buzz

    Yeah!  I forgot about the lines and the hype.  Since they decided to delay the release date of the Mini 2; that will create a repeat of November 1st!


    But it also gives me a chance to look at the iPad Air and see if I want to buy it instead of the Mini since it only weighs 1/4 pound more and is full size.  Just not sure not want to buy!

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