Microsoft exec takes swing at Apple, calls iWork 'watered down,' iPad 'entertainment device'



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    chia wrote: »
    All the better for getting a Mac rather than a Windows machine.

    Apple unconditionally gives for free a substantial update to Mac OS X.

    Conversely most Windows users have to pay for a minor update.

    We'll in all fairness OSX is an Apple only product. You can't expect MS to give you a free upgrade for a machine that isn't a Microsoft product. They make their money with software after all. I'm sure Windows 9 will be free to Surface users. Windows 7 to Windows 8 was a substantial update. If you sat an average user in front of say OSX 10.4 and you told them that it's the newest OS From Apple they wouldn't know any better. Like iOS, OSX has looked the same since it's release, so why should Windows be any different.
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