Microsoft exec takes swing at Apple, calls iWork 'watered down,' iPad 'entertainment device'



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    For the record, Microsoft, I had two friends do clean installs of Mavericks in the past 24 hours. Both decided they no longer needed Office. One had iWork 09, the other with iWork 08. The one with iWork 08 actually paid for iWork today to get the upgrades


    Do you friends a favor, tell they to stay with iWork 09, the new version is a HUGE step back


    New iWork is not "watered down" as MS says, is worse than that, is really a functionality slaughter

    Kill yourself.

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    Some legit remarks, a lot of manipulating the reality. Sure, multiple windows is compulsory for pro work, but they still don't understand that iPad isn't made for that, and they should concentrate on the 'easy' making of consumer devices before pro. Or maybe not, to each company its preference.

    Indeed, to each her own market.  Apple's market happens to be in the hundreds of millions of units and MS's market in the hundreds of tens.

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    Do they? iWorks, Google Apps, Office have 90% of the same functionality. For the perceived deficiencies in iWorks and Google Apps there is 3rd party software that is focused and can handle the other 10% of functionality that differentiates Office. I'd rather have just what I need and if I need more I can get at it easily without having to load some slow bloated software using up all the resources on my machine.


    Not to mention emptying our wallets for MS Office (and Windows).

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    Shaw was apparently writing the post, titled "Apples and oranges," from Abu Dhabi, "where the only thing hotter than the weather are the new Windows devices unveiled by Nokia this week."


    That is so not true ! I live in this country, and I know the Surface isn't by far the #1 tablet of choice by the masses.

    After the iPad, Android tablets have a stronger market here. They like the mobile world are a distant 3rd.

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    MS's main problem is that when you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail.


    They cannot see that people use Office because it's installed pretty much by default on most computers at work. People then "borrow" the disks to take home and install it for free (well, they certainly did at my last place of work!). Almost every document I'm sent in Word format could have been written in TextEdit just as well, let alone Pages or something as feature-bloated as Word.


    Microsoft will continue to slide into irrelevance unless they realise what people really want outside of a forced software situation and reflex actions from their work where people just want "Word format" because they're used to it.

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    Apple had to dumb down iWork a wee bit to ensure full compatibility between iOS and the mac. Now that this is here, I believe all of the apps are upgraded in functionality to make office even more irrelevant.

    Imagine if Numbers did categories and pivot tables. That would completely eliminate the need for Excel for 95% of users. Add some statistical functions to it. Excel would be no longer needed.

    Now if I could write a master thesis in Pages, that would eliminate the need for students to get a copy of MS Word. But there are a number of critical features missing. Automatic captioning for images and automatic references to other chapters would be two of the more important ones. If Apple can integrate these into Pages, the whole education market collapses for Microsoft! (Or do you know a student that does not have a MacBook or an iPad?)

    Keynote is already the best app for presentations. Now it's even better on iOS with alpha masking (my favourite feature). So there we already see Apple ahead.

    Microsoft can keep playing Apple's strategy down, but as soon as Apple integrates only a handful of features, Office will have a hard time finding customers in the post-pc era!
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    apple ][ wrote: »
    The Surface pro 2 is a damn joke. I saw a picture of the internals on Anandtec and I noticed that it has two fans inside, and it's also thick. Who the hell wants to use something that lame? It's no tablet, it's just a laptop that doesn't come with a real keyboard. The whole concept is stupid.

    Why is the Surface Pro 2 a joke? It is a laptop in a tablet form, of course it needs a fan, and they are far from being thick.
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    Well, Tim Cook started it I guess! I agree Office is better than iWork, but I disagree that Surface is better than iPad. Nothing comes close to iPad in the current market.


    And if he thinks it's just an entertainment device, he should look at these pages:

    or watch this video: 

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    Office will fade away eventually, oh wait it's doing so as we speak, Poor Microsoft...
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    The only place I've ever seen anyone using a Surface is Chesters Mill, but as that is a fictional town trapped under a dome I'm not sure it really counts ;)

    Meanwhile I know at least 30 people who have an iPad or iPad mini, and several more who are now waiting to get one following Tuesdays announcements...
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    Well that's good, because that would have been a horrible insult to the iPad.




    Originally Posted by bloggerblog View Post




    That's just funny, he's insinuating that the iPad is "more difficult" to use than Microsoft's Surface, which is truly laughable.




    The understatement of the year goes to......


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    Oh dear, oh dear. What a bunch of losers Apple customers are!


    Why, oh why, do they insist on buying simple software that is designed for use by 'real people', not IT professionals with years of experience negotiating the intricacies and complexities of Microsoft products? Why do these slack Apple customers want to do things like real work or having family lives, rather than marvelling at all the unused features of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and generating revenue for their IT technicians?

    The sarcasm tag is /s.



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    You sir, need to do your research before posting. People will still choose iPads over Surface Pro, but not for the reasons you state!


    The processing power of the Surface Pro leaves every iPad for dust, and then some.  In case you didn't know, an Intel Core i5 Haswell processor with 4GB RAM is pretty powerful for a laptop, let alone a tablet. Your meager mobile phone processor is not the mighty powerhouse you imagine it to be. The build quality and design of the Surface range is actually very good indeed, but then you'd actually have to look/feel one to know that I guess.


    The fact remains that iPad will continue to leave Surface for dead in the sales/popularity stakes. No contest.


    You sir, need to turn on your sarcasm detector.

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    If you go read the reviews in the Mac App Store, you'll see what watered down means. They've removed tons of functionality from all three iWork applications on the Mac just to make them match up with iOS and iCloud. Go to the Apple forums.

    Apple just broke my heart. This just confirmed the fear that Apple doesn't really care about serious tools. No wonder these are free. They dumped the actual software and redeveloped a mockery of what it was.
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    Frank X Shaw is silly for calling out Apple. Nothing identifies a frustrated challenger than shouting at the incumbent.


    On the other hand, the passion stirred up by his silly post is intriguing. Why can't iPad users be happy with using iPads? Why are we so angry when someone labels them as entertainment devices or whatever? Why can't we just laugh it off as tablet envy?

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    Microsoft has released a new patch update to legendary BS machine v1.

    This one comes with a new name and so much more BS that they will soon retire v1.

    good bye and good luck steve ballmer.

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    Truth is, if he didn't feel threatened by iWork he wouldn't have even mentioned it.
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    Tim cook did insult microsoft in the ipad announcent, and no one would choose iwork over office if they had the choice. Seems like a non story
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    akqies wrote: »
    And they they choose a wide-screen aspect ratio that is designed to be used in landscape mode. This is a huge failing and shortcoming on MS's part.

    Well reminded.
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    Leaving aside the device differences between iPad and Surface the guys got a point.


    Apple announced iWorks free (although not for my 3rd gen iPad it seems), but so what? Google docs, MS Office Web Apps are both free to and their the equivalent of iWorks. Full office has a load of extra stuff that iWorks doesn't have and if you don't need that stuff then don't buy full office. Some people need spreadsheets to connect to there CRM's, other don't, so buy what you need. But at the feature level, iWorks was the most expensive out of the 3 and is now equally priced.


    Apple also announced the updates to OSX is free, referring to Windows not being free. But Windows 8.1 is also a free upgrade so there actually priced the same. If you buy a PC it comes with Windows, if you buy a Mac it comes with OS X and the latest update for both a free.


    The only actual difference is if you build your own PC Microsoft will sell you a copy of Office to install. If you build your own Mac you just can't buy OSX to go on it. Something being on sale and something not does not make a price difference, it just means OSX can't be bought without a Mac.

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    Hello frank shanw in which world are u living you blithering idiot! Your surface rt is a surface hole n the new one is surface pro hole. Today every intelligent consumer knows that ms underdog doesn't have any caliber to innovating that has become inevitable in the era of modern computing infrastructure.

    Both surface holes are simply going to rust because of some among many realistic facts

    - keyboard had become absolute in the era of portability as their are many smart apps to type in with or with out seeing keys. MS keyboard is just an added burden and has a hidden cost of 100 $

    - Office 2003 had a masked subscription cost of 100 $ per year

    - how much free space the use gets from these holes are bare minimum as therir stupid OS take up most of the space

    - why use third rated USB n SD cards when data can be pushed in and out wireless via ui like airplay cloud

    Above all office 2013 as well as it's early one are flaky and doesn't have the caliber in taking a doc that is build with graphics, charts and other multimedia emmbbeded object with large size one spanning to more than a hundred

    So who is stinking and puking none other than ms the greatest underdog of the current century n soon it will rust to nothing

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    brakkenbrakken Posts: 687member
    When do we consumers get a word in edge-wise? I don't need productivity, I want easy-to-use-ability. Connectivity, even.

    Windows' strength was - WAS - choice for how people could tweek the OS, but somehow that's been diluted. I've read that many people love Surface and/or Win8, but I've not met one yet.

    It's a tell-tale sign to me that M$ is still talking about iPad, their favourite product, more than their own. Perhaps it's to hide the specs or lack of change to an inherently uncompelling device.

    Apple has a demonstrated tendency to solidify and improve after innovation. Windows and M$ has a proven history of erroneous failures disturbed by two flashes of wonder (XP and 7, of course).

    As long as M$ and Samesung continue talking about Apple, their focus is definitely not on their own business, regardless of verbal content.
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