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    I gotta say that I love my iPad Air, but it still could be lighter. I definitely feel a difference between it and the mini. I think this is because I tend to hold both in landscape mode, and holding it by one end, the Air has a longer lever arm and larger moment of inertia. It torques my wrist more than the mini does, and resists my flipping it around more. This isn't a major complaint, but it is noticeable. When I take the mini out of its case, it seems like it weighs almost nothing. With the Air, I do notice that it weighs a bit more than nothing.


    Jetsons' world problem, I know.


    Other than that, this thing is flat-out amazing. I really feel like I'm holding something from the future when using it.


    Does anyone else think that the blues are a bit ...intense... on it? I swear it seems like the Facebook app fairly glows. Maybe it's just that this is my first iPad with a color-corrected retina display. Photos look fine. It's just blue icons and backgrounds that seem to pop a bit.

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    herbapouherbapou Posts: 2,223member
    mazda 3s wrote: »
    I like my new iPad Air a lot (32GB, WiFi), but goodness, Safari has bee crash happy on this damn thing. I don't know if it's the extra overhead created by the 64-bit processor or "only" 1GB of RAM, but I've experienced more Safari crashes in the past three days than I have on my iPhone 5 in the past few months. And I never have more than 5 or 6 tabs open at once.


    I did experience Safari crashes, but all on this website. I hope Apple didnt made a mistake with memory, 100mb free out of 1g with only Safari running seems tight to me.
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    mazda 3smazda 3s Posts: 1,578member
    drblank wrote: »
    Are you running other apps that are memory hungry?

    Nope. Safari, Mail, Facebook. That's about it. I haven't played any games today or anything memory intensive.
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    Originally Posted by drew0020 View Post

    I guess I'll leave these forums because intelligent discussion is obviously not welcome here.


    Yeah, get back to your (employees) surface forum so you can blow each other whilst waxing lyrical about 2 shit apps on the page at a time and comparing flip out stands.


    We aren't shills, we are just clever enough to know what's great and not stupid enough to put up with crap that other companies put out.

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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post



    I would have literally bet a million dollars the iPhone 5s was the only device to get Touch ID this year. And I don't think it's to keep the iPhone 5s at the top of the pile like Gruber suggested in his bollox 'forward looking' comment. I think the 2 reasons why the 5s was the only device getting Touch ID this year was: 1. product clarity, in terms of the product, the customer and marketing, and 2. to give Apple 1 year to test Touch ID in the marketplace before adding it to all of their products. Could you imagine the catastrophic failure it would be if after 6 months in the real world Touch ID started failing? Apple would have to recall every new iDevice sold over that period.


    And the bonus for Apple is this time next year, when they feel comfortable with Touch ID they can start slapping it on all new high end iOS devices.

    It has been said many times before that the reason why iPhone 5s is short on stock is because they weren't able to keep up with the production of the touch ID components...

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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post


    The iPad 6 (Air 2) is seriously going to kill:


    And the iPad 7 is going to be better than the iPad 6, but so what?


    We live in the here and now, and the iPad Air is killer. What good does an iPad 6 do anybody today? Nothing, that's what.


    I prefer to enjoy the present, and I'll enjoy the future too, when that time comes. 


    Meanwhile, the procrastinating dude who's always waiting around for the next version might get hit by a bus tomorrow, and they'll never get to enjoy their hypothetical iPad 6, which might be available in 12 months from now. 

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    drew0020 wrote: »
    I guess I'll leave these forums because intelligent discussion is obviously not welcome here.

    Actually, intelligent discussions are quite welcome. Come back and talk to us when you’re ready to engage in one.
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    runbuhrunbuh Posts: 315member
    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    The chips don’t exist.

    Let’s be honest: not a single word in this post is the truth.




    There are Android smartphones with 802.11ac (HTC One, for example), but who knows how good they are.

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    ipad air is much more beautiful, I love it

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    mazda 3smazda 3s Posts: 1,578member
    runbuh wrote: »
    Let’s be honest: not a single word in this post is the truth.


    There are Android smartphones with 802.11ac (HTC One, for example), but who knows how good they are.

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    I don't find IOS7 choppy on my ipad3 and I have 8 tabs open in Safari at the moment....but sure, sometimes tabs reload. More memory would be nice but I don't find the current situation problematic per say. I also don't mind having only one window open at a time. Sometimes I need to hop back and forth between Safari and Mail but the switching is pretty fast. On a small screen, multiple windows would be hard to manage.....
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    runbuhrunbuh Posts: 315member
    Originally Posted by Mazda 3s View Post

    Interesting performance numbers.  So the Moto X has 802.11ac, too.  Google says the Nexus 5 and Galaxy S4 are also using the same Broadcom chipset.

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    I'm loving my Air except Safari does crash from time to time. I don't have issues with any other browsers or apps so maybe it's a Safari issue, not hardware.
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    Originally Posted by NailedToTheX View Post

    Looks like performance is the bomb and the weight drop is desireable (especially coupled with the change to the rounded corners).

    I'm still really disappointed that the touch Id was not included in the ipad air or iPad mini... I don't know why... But I am. Although the cameras could use a better bump, I wasn't too surprised/disappointed in that... And why no AC wifi?

    Not quite compelling enough yet to upgrade from ipad3. Getting close though. I hate waiting...

    Don't forget twice as fast! :)

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    ....not a single word in this post is the truth. Shut up and go away.

    Get some sleep, Bro! :)

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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post


    Why do I not believe you own an Air.

    I don't know. Maybe because you don't believe his observations could be obtained without owning one--that test driving in the store is insufficient.


    The jump from iPad 3 to Air is super--really worthwhile. The jump from iPad 4 not so much, because (IMHO) of the stuttering alluded to that still exists with the Air.


    I also see the 1 GB RAM as being a key limitation that will coerce people to upgrade sooner rather than later.

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    >The next step of course would be user profiles so when my son used his finger, it would limit the apps that could be used, etc.<


    Now you're talking! And when/if user accounts (ever) come to iPad, that'd be an excellent feature. The person who picks it up can only use his/her own account ('side') of the device. Let's see what the mythical iPad pro brings next year. 

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    akqiesakqies Posts: 768member
    <ul><li>Cameras could use improvement, but does it matter?
    <li>No Touch ID</ul>

    These Cons, while expected and not reasonable, I can at least agree with.

    ireland wrote: »
    The iPad 6 (Air 2) is seriously going to kill:

    Improved display
    8MP camera
    Touch ID

    You'll need an excuse not to buy it.

    These are certainly things I will want to see but how exactly do you expect the display to be improved. Surely you aren't saying they will double the resolution again.

    The chips don’t exist.

    Be careful with those pithy replies. Someone could take you literally to mean 802.11ac chips don't exist at all or for any mobile device. The fact is they simply aren't at a level that are up to par for Apple, just like with Apple and LTE chips which they knocked out of the park with LTE that matched their 3G power usage. AnandTech shows that the iPad Air's MIMO 802.11n is faster than a lot of devices that are using 802.11ac.

    pmz wrote: »
    I know these things seem independent of one another, but you really need to think about the usability...opening the Smart Cover, followed by a Touch ID authentication, seems to be less than ideal.

    But it's even less than ideal to open it up and then input your PIN which I don't think people will do. Touch ID's security with convenience is something I wish all devices had, including Macs.
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    I am surprised you guys continued to feed that troll instead of ignore him. Saw the iPad Air last night and you do need to hold it to believe it. It was like holding the mini for the first time compared to the brick of the prior iPads. I am considering selling my iPad mini for the Air, because the Air is as beautiful as the mini and only slightly heavier, but not by much. Easily held with one hand. The A7 in the Air is so fast, especially compared to the A5.
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    akqiesakqies Posts: 768member
    mazda 3s wrote: »

    That says nothing about how much battery life it will have. Let's remember this is Apple so if they announce they are using a new WiFi standard then they will list a single WiFi time based on that standard or split them up into multiple items.

    Just like with LTE the benefit of reducing the time needed to send or receive data can increase battery life but this doesn't usually happen out of the box and I can't think of a single first generation wireless tech that achieved that. When the chip is small and power efficient enough for Apple it will be added. They have a long of history of this.

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