Samsung rumored to follow Apple's lead, split Galaxy S5 lineup into metal, plastic models



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    Originally Posted by kent909

    Well, why not? What else are you going to do?

    Well, Apple always Thinks up a new idea - There must be a few new ideas left for SameSung.

    That's always been the problem with the Eastern countries - their hands have been tied for so long, that they only know how to copy success and don't know how to create success. That's what always made the US intriguing to others back in the day "Freedom of thought and mind"
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    Just Samsung being Samsung. Why are people acting surprised?

    (Although they also introduced different models of their last flagship or the one before that).

    Hi everybody!

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    Going back to basics. Copy because we don't really know what the word innovation means. Sammy, do you need a dictionary?
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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,926member
    Oh boy it's the convergence of design. /s

    Sammy just writes these jokes on their own.
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    irikal wrote: »
    Easy enough... innovate.

    Except it's anything but easy, but that doesn't mean that copy is the next best thing.
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    cintoscintos Posts: 113member
    This is Samsung's admission of failure: now they think they need a metal phone. And, how is their new Tizen ecosystem coming?
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    [quote]The news comes one week after Samsung mobile executive Lee Young Hee said that the company would be going "back to the basics" with the industrial design ...[/quote]

    Back to basics. Back to copying Apple.
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    evilutionevilution Posts: 1,399member
    Ah ok, we are calling it "following Apple's lead" now are we?

    5S - S5
    5C - C5?
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    sog35 wrote: »
    Now I expect the plastic S5 to be $250 unlocked.
    Oh wait, I'm sorry.  Wall Street only expects Apple to slaughter their margins and sell a premium 5C phone for $250

    Nobody ever said it had to be premium. Motorola was able to make a positively reviewed device that sells for $199 retail which is perfect for those people that use smartphones as glorified feature phones. Many analysts see what Motorola was able to accomplish and ask "why can’t Apple do that?". I'm not suggesting that they do, just pointing out the mindset out there.
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    honestly, I would have been offended if they didn't copy Apple

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    clemynxclemynx Posts: 1,552member

    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    More like shameless. It's mind boggling how this is the only other company that's profitable.

    Yes, knowing that several other companies are trying to bring new design both in software and hardware out there. It's just that they can't compete with the gigantic marketing machine of Scamsung.

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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,926member
    sog35 wrote: »
    I'm expecting Samsung to out innovate Apple

    S5M - metal
    S5 - plastic
    S5W - wood

    Metal might be too "premium" for Sammy

    S5 plastic
    S5C siran wrap + duct tape
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    paul94544paul94544 Posts: 1,027member

    SAMSUNG - if in doubt copy <----------L A W S U I T ------------ APPLE

    Samsung has been suffering slow down in it high end smart phone sales the only ones that have high margins and is under pressure from shareholders  , doesn't take much to figure out so what do they do. nice try Samsung - FAIL AGAIN? Time to buy some more PUTS I think


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    UN-believable. Wait, no it isn't!
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    gwmacgwmac Posts: 1,806member
    I wonder if a move to metal might also be the end of removable batteries and SD cards.. Those are often cited as 2 major advantages over the HTC devices as well as iPhone. (at least by current Samsung owners)

    I doubt Samsung will include an iris scanner. Imagine the trouble people that wear glasses might have not to even mention sunglasses. It might also have trouble in the dark. Even if it works and they overcome those obstacles it simply is not nearly as convenient as touching a button that you already touch 100 times a day.

    Samsung can't go any larger with the display size. They are already encroaching on Note territory. I doubt we will see an increase in display size which has been their biggest "new" feature for the last few years.

    I doubt metal and an iris scanner will boost sales much if any especially given the steep price jump to get the metal version. They better have some more uncovered beyond that to get people to spend that kind of money. Even with a 2 year subsidy that would likely cost $299 or even more. If Apple decides to make a larger iPhone model alongside the current one and also chooses some better colors for the 6c it might not be a very good Christmas in Seoul this year. The 6c would also get the internals of the 5s which very likely will include Touch ID not to mention that A7 processor making it a much more attractive option than the 5c.

    Samsung is starting to get squeezed very tight at the bottom with all these cheap Chinese brands. They had been doing well in the high end because Apple was not even sold in many markets like China Mobile or Docomo but that has changed. Apple will continue to expand into more countries and carriers every month reducing areas where Samsung was the only high end option. There last bastion of safety was their display size but that may also fall soon if Apple decides this is the year to introduce their iPhone Air or whatever name they choose for it. Once this last piece of the puzzle falls into place Apple will have a product matrix that should serve them well for at least 5 more years. Samsung is already sold in every country and probably on every carrier in the world so they have far less chance to grow sales or marketshare. Apple is just getting started.
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    andysolandysol Posts: 2,506member

    This is Old news.  Everyone already knew this was coming on September 20, 2013.

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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    Lots of hate in this thread and while I understand where it comes from within the scope of the article I think it's [U]un[/U]warranted.

    We know Samsung was looking to "copy" Apple's quality and desirability and I think that is a great thing to [I]shamelessly copy[/I]. It's only too bad that other vends aren't following suit.

    And it's not revealing that any company would use metal for the higher-end and plastic for the lower-end. Apple wasn't breaking any innovation walls with the 5S and 5C being metal and plastic, respectively, it's just how it naturally falls from a standpoint of feel and cost.

    I think it's about time vendors stop copying the design of Apple (*cough* Samsung *cough*) or stop trying to create gimmicky, high-end devices (*cough* bamboo laptop *cough* Asus *cough*) but instead copy the reasons Apple has the customers and the mindshare they have. For once I am not saying "How fraking pathetic" but rather "It's about fraking time," and I applaud any one or any company that appears to be bettering themselves, I just hope it's more than simply using a better casing material.
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    That will run like $650 on contract!!


    Who is really going to buy that except for a select few fanboys?


    Apple's most expensive iPhone only cost $850...

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    mj webmj web Posts: 918member

    With 2 "geniuses" at the helm you'd figure these bozos could come up with one original idea between the two of them.

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