Any info on the SE T-68i phone?



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    ok, update to the bluetooth question:

    The dLink tach specs show that the adapter supports up to seven "slave" devices. Thsi gives me new hope of using the t68i, a bluetooth headset and the dLink adapter together. Anyone tried this yet?
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    This will work fine ...

    ... I'm very reliably told, although I've never tried it ...
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    thanks Harald!

    Then the choice of headsets is the only remaining obstacle... Cant really decide on which to buy...

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    [quote]Originally posted by New:

    <strong>ok, update to the bluetooth question:

    The dLink tach specs show that the adapter supports up to seven "slave" devices. Thsi gives me new hope of using the t68i, a bluetooth headset and the dLink adapter together. Anyone tried this yet?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    You can use them, but not all at the same time. You can only have your phone synced with one device. So either have it connecting to the Dlink or the headset. You can't have the phone connected to both at the same time. I've heard future revisions of bluetooth will allow mass connections at the same time.
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    Wait for the new Siemens S55. It will be announced in NY on the 10-21-02. It seems to be a much better phone than the T68i. Look at the <a href=""; target="_blank">specs</a> and the <a href=""; target="_blank">pictures</a>.
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    In what way is it better? polyphonic ringtones or something more? does it use syncML?
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    [quote] In what way is it better? <hr></blockquote>

    - it is smaller

    - looks cooler

    - supports JAVA

    - and polyphonic ringtones
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    [quote]Originally posted by Escher:

    <strong>Does T-Mobile have bricks-and-mortar stores where I could check out the gear?


    Funny you should ask this, Escher.

    While driving around this weekend, I noticed a big sign in a window a block or two south of Dupont Circle (I believe on Connecticut) that a T-Mobile store was 'coming soon'.

    So, yes, brick-'n-mortar T-Mobile stores do exist
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    [quote] - it is smaller

    - looks cooler

    - supports JAVA

    - and polyphonic ringtones <hr></blockquote>

    well, java is absolutely a pluss... but does it work better with mac? The new nokia phones comming out about now (the 6610 and 7210) are probably better in certain areas than the t68i as well. But will it wouldn't be very smart to start advising people who want their phone to work with their mac to buy them, before their mac compability has been put to the test...
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    [quote]Originally posted by Jonathan:

    <strong>While driving around this weekend, I noticed a big sign in a window a block or two south of Dupont Circle (I believe on Connecticut) that a T-Mobile store was 'coming soon'.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yay, that's just down the street from me. (I'm further up on Connecticut.)

    Funny you should mention this, Jonathan. I did a dealer search on the <a href=""; target="_blank">T-Mobile website</a> and they have a shop up and running at 1850 K Street. That's closer to your stomping grounds and a block from my summer job (at 1735 K). Still haven't had a chance to go down there and check out the T68i.

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    got my T68i a week ago and still working out how to customize it how I like. For one, can you stop the thing going to the annoying (and ugly) 'jumping clock' whenever it's left alone for a minute? Sometimes I just want to glance down and check the signal strength or battery, but to do so I have to press a button and fire it up. very irritating, and SLOW.

    (BTW got a great deal on the phone - $99 from bestbuy on 23rd St)
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    Settings --&gt; Display --&gt; Screensaver





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    Harald: I liked that humorous combination of a useful answer and social commentary.

    Well, I finally tracked down my local T-Mobile store, only a block away from a painful visit to my dentist. My plan was to check out the famous Sony Ericsson T68i and compare its size to other recent phones, like Motorola's V60. They didn't have any on display, so I asked a sales rep. She said they were on back order, but that another rep had one. It turns out she had a T68 and was better informed.

    The T68 is very nice. It's small but not too small and fits well in my relatively small hands. I really liked the slightly rubbery feel of the back. On the question of availability, she told me that T-Mobile would no longer carry the T68 or T68i because of a technical issue and a recall. When pressed further, the lady didn't know. It certainly didn't look like she was having problems with her own T68.

    She recommended I check out their latest nice Tri-band phone, the Samsung s105. I have to admit it looks fantastic and has a much larger and thus more useable color screen hidden away in its folding design. Now if only it came with Bluetooth and could sync with my Mac...

    Considering that iCal is still slow as molasses and iSync is still beta, and that I don't really need a new phone, I'm in no hurry to buy anything. I bet that by the time I start working again next summer, we'll have a lot more options.


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    Interesting - anybody else heard about any recalls on the T68i?
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    I have a PB800 with 10.2.1 a dlink bluetooth adapter and a SE T68i. I'm on O2 in the UK and have GPRS service (the 4mb option).

    I use it mostly for accessing my company's exchange servers using Outlook in classic over the Cisco VPN client (3.6.2) and the VPNConnect front-end. It works fine, almost exactly the same overall speed as using a 28.8k baud modem. I've sucessfully used it in the back of taxis. I use it mostly to get my mail when I'm at a client who has only a digital phone switch and very tight proxy/firewall setup.

    I also use it with iSync to work with my iCal and address book. It takes a minute or so to sync but it works fine, very convenient, makes iCal so much more useful. Oh and the ability to send SMSs from a text box is just great too.

    Email me if you need help getting it working.
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    I was really interested in the T68i recently, and switching from Sprint/Samsung, until I got my hands on a T68i. The buttons are a little small for me, but worst of all, it's construction isn't as good as I thought it would be and the UI isn't all the great.

    Have to agree with Gambit that Sprint/Samsung is a very good combination. My only problem with them is spotty coverage at my house, but otherwise I've been very satisfied with them. The Samsung N200 I have is a very solidly built phone with excellent buttons and UI. The new UIs for the PCS vision phones do leave me cold though.
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    Anyone want to buy a slightly used T68i?

    Nah, I'll probably keep it until Nokia debuts their next phone, but there are several things I hate about this phone.

    Longtime Nokia user, I hate the navigation on the T68i. It also turns off when in your pocket even though you have the key lock on.

    The deal breaker for me is this - I use my phone as my alarm clock and this damn thing fires off these two loud beeps before the alarm ring (which is soothing and ascendes in volume), jarring me out of sleep.

    A small thing, but hey, I'm not a morning person and there's no reason for it to function that way.

    The Address Book hookup via bluetooth is fantastic and I have a good opinion of the phone generally.

    Sony-Ericsson have made the PC version of a phone - clunky!
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    I think I've made my choice for upgrading my trusty ol' Nokia 8290.

    It doesn't have Bluetooth, or a camera, or Symbian, but if the <a href=",5258,,00.html?searchkey=hp"; target="_blank">Nokia 7210</a> will function as a modem via the <a href=",5900,70,00.html"; target="_blank">USB data cable</a> on my Mac, I'm going with that.
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    [quote]Originally posted by tonton:

    <strong>Belle, believe me, you want to wait for the 6650 if you possibly can.


    Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Unfortunately, we'll be holding for a long time. The 6650 isn't scheduled to appear in Europe and Asia until well into 2003, and Nokia doesn't currently even have plans to launch it over here in the US.

    And how long will we have to wait for decent WCDMA coverage?

    I don't need anything so fancy. I only need internet access via my cell phone for downloading e-mail, which isn't all that bandwidth-hungry.

    By the time the 6650 becomes even slightly useful, it'll be very late 2003, probably 2004, and I'll need to upgrade again anyway.

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    Belle likes girly, sparkley phones.

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