Visionaries of the tech world who foresaw Apple's future



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    Originally Posted by Hydrogen View Post

    Great ! Where do these people hide ? Do they still dare making other similar predictions ?

    Mostly not. 


    Of late they have been leaving the predictions to -- analysts.

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    Originally Posted by Emes View Post


    ... My point is that Bill is just more generous with his money than Steve was. ... as he has helped millions of people around the world.

    Gates indeed has done that, and that's good.


    Every time people use this to defend Microsoft's behavior, I just remind that that Bill is giving away YOUR money.

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    Dvorak has been a veritable Schrödinger's cat throughout his career, cooped up in a box isolated from any outside influence of reality. His possible exposure to some sort of toxic experiment has created a quantum paradox where Dvorak is perpetually both writing and wronging at the same time, an uncertainty that must be seen to be believed.


    I just saw this article and the above bit just blew my mind. Such great writing. Bravo!

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    That is amazing about this great composer a cat!

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