New photograph of purported 'iPhone 6' tooling suggests device with 4.7" display



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    Mind pointing to a post in the thread where it was, then?

    Six years of non-functioning memory would probably do that to a person. :p

    Sorry, it's obvious if you've seen a tool up close before.
    The picture is of the concave side of the tool (mold) which is why the image of an iPhone has been superimposed on it (as if the phone [just the back, in reality] is sitting in the tool, freshly molded. The holes in the mating surface around the edges are probably indexing holes where bosses on the mating tool engage to align and lock the tool.
    The holes inside the depression puzzle me with their profusion and lack of obvious action (mechanical moving parts to fill the holes.) They are like holes for part ejectors, but those would normally be on the non-cosmetic side of the tool (as would be the media injection holes.) Notice the tooling marks on the inside of the depression. All those marks would be faithfully transferred onto the molded product. Normally a tool would be polished to a mirror finish to avoid them (or polished and the textured in a desired way.) The tooling marks are what make me think this is a lower quality mold, or one that is designed for some lower pressure injection application. Something where this concave side is not the cosmetic (pretty/visible) side of the mold. My pure speculation that it's for an after market protective case. Etc. In any case, it seems unlikely The top Apple iPhone would be injection molded in this tool. Although, as I've said, my knowledge of tooling is limited and out of date!

    I guess you just seem a little feistier since you haven't been a moderator (which is understandable) and that's what I've seen as "different" from what I remember.
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    If Apple make a bigger iPhone, I think we are safe to make the assumption that they will be reasonable. They have always demonstrated that they actually care about comfort and usability, and I don't see this going out the window with iPhone 6.


    Also, when Tim Cook was asked about bigger screens at an All Things D interview, he talked about bigger screens being desirable (so no philosophical objection), but also being a balancing act. That is, balancing visual fidelity, colour, brightness, heat, power consumption/battery life, and physical real estate on the device itself (which impacts other components). In other words, Apple has traditionally seen bigger screens as an engineering problem as well as a usability question. Tim Cook seemed to be saying that yes, Apple will deliver a bigger screen real estate, but only when they can do it in a way that delivers on customer expectations around user experience.


    So, it's very likely that this time has come for iPhone 6, which is great. I'd be very happy with a bigger phone - just not a huge phone. But again, I see no logical reason to suggest that Apple will produce an unwieldy phone with a massive size. It's just not in their DNA, I'd say.


    Let's say the screen is physically bigger - what else? It could be that the screen becomes the killer feature of the new iPhone. What if Apple's new screens are really spectacular in terms of things like colour, depth, white/dark balance, etc...? There is a sense in which Apple may actually be able to show its competitors "how to do a larger-screen phone". For me that's an exciting prospect.


    If you combine it with an update to iOS7 and then things like deeper integration of Touch ID, improvements to camera tech, and possibly another surprise or two...then it would certainly represent a pretty sizable step forward for iPhone. 

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    Using your index finger at the bottom of the iPhone and then resting your iPhone on your free fingers you can stretch , your Farm will reach a bigger screen iPhone .just saying

    There's a lot of fake information out there and photographs . doesn't take a genius to recognise most of the shit out there

    I'm hoping for a bigger iPhone but I wouldn't like stupidly big !

    You can make a call from my iPad now is called face time
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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,675member
    fallenjt wrote: »
    My iPhone 5s with the bumper is 129mm x 64mm and it's okay for one hand use. So stop the BS because this one is virtually the same as 5s with bumper, but 10mm longer. Sure 11mm longer is too much for your pocket, than you should buy new pants.

    That's true; in some pants it fits just fine.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by fallenjt View Post

    My iPhone 5s with the bumper is 129mm x 64mm and it's okay for one hand use. So stop the BS


    Except one of the dimension sets here is unusable with one hand, so it’s not BS.

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    Apple needs, or, more accurately, takes advantage of, Samsung, the Android ecosystem, and, to a lesser extent Microsoft/Nokia and the Windows model, to reflect Apple's constantly changing state in a coevolutionary dance where Apple's adversaries are forced to test the waters of new forms that might be viable but are not yet profitable.  This is currently represented in the many different screen sizes offered by the competition but has played out at other times, both large and small.
    Apple allowed others to jump aboard the 4G buildout, jumping aboard itself only when 4G stabilized around the LTE standard.  Others spent evolutionary cycles in efforts akin to purchasing pre-construction from an insolvent builder.  Once the world coalesced around a stable set of standards with critical mass that ensured uptake and lowered costs for all players, Apple added 4G support in their products.
    Apple allowed others to experiment with smaller tablet form factors, while criticizing the whole notion.  Once the competition proved the viability of a market, Apple took action, entering with a strong offering that supported Apple's existing app ecosystem, provided a larger display than the competing small tablets, and maintained the full-size iPad's more practical aspect ratio.
    Apple allowed others to experiment with larger smartphone displays.  The introduction of the iPhone 5 borrowed from what Apple learned and changed the aspect ratio to the 16:9 aspect ratio utilized in HD video and shown as successful in many of the existing large screen smartphones.  This also allowed Apple to increase the size of the display in a nod to the greater utility of a larger display, while maintaining the width of the handset that allows effective single-handed use and trumpeting this over the competition.  Apple has a habit of downplaying the competition’s advantages before co-opting them.  
    In zero-sum games you always try to hide your strategy.  But in nonzero-sum games you might want to announce your strategy in public so the other players need to adapt to it.
    Is Apple playing a zero-sum game against Samsung?  Not quite.  Apple selectively allows other players in on its plans, and it clearly cannot hide what it's been doing once it introduces a new iPhone or iPad.  Apple lets the competition know certain information ahead of time.  For example, who doesn't know that a new iPhone will be introduced in September?  By being consistent in its iPhone release schedule, Apple influences Samsung.  Samsung knows its semiconductor/displays/memory sales will get a surge in revenues coincident with Apple's release, and it knows to set its own annual release far enough offset in the calendar with Apple's to allow itself time to mimic any new capabilities it wants from each new iPhone introduction.  Apple takes advantage by keeping Samsung hooked on iPhone component revenues, just enough and only until Apple no longer needs Sammy in this respect, and also takes advantage by picking the better date on the calendar for its iPhone and iPad refreshes.  Coevolution among these two competitors allows Apple to both choose the music and lead the dance.

    Blabadum. Great post.
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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,675member
    I don’t think the far point of that screen is accessible.

    It’s wider than the 5S and even wider by 11/1000ths of an inch than the first-gen iPhone with its gorgeously curvy front. Width isn’t really the problem, however, as a fingertip can reach beyond the first-gen’s case far enough, so without much side bezel on the 8th iPhone (contrasting with the large one on the first-gen) screen accessibility width would be fine. But it is a problem when you start increasing the height. 

    This thing is 5.43” tall, which is just over half an inch taller than the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S’s screen is entirely reachable with a thumb, but this one won’t be. Not for anyone shy of 6’4”, at least. Apple has shaved 16/100ths of an inch off the thickness of the iPhone in seven models. They’d need this one to be something like half an inch thinner than the first-gen for the entire screen to be reachable on a 4.7” model.

    In the time between now and September, I’ll get some cardboard and mock these things up for everyone. Don’t let me forget it. 

    Friendly reminder: it's almost September. Any chance for us to see cardboard mockups? If not, that's ok too.
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