Marissa Mayer wants Apple to ditch Google for Yahoo! as default iOS search engine



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    gwmac wrote: »

    People sure figured out pretty fast how to download Google maps when all the bad press started. We are not talking about some hard to find hidden setting buried deep in the bowels of the GUI so don't exaggerate. I just counted, 3 easy taps. Settings>Safari>search.  Normally people would never have a reason to ever go there but that is because Google is now the default. If the default is switched to Bing or Yahoo that would make huge news so there would likely even be TV stories about that change which would include instructions on changing it back. It amazes me that you think iPhone users are incapable of making 3 taps to switch back to Google which is a hell of a lot easier than setting up TouchID or even iCloud for that matter. No doubt some would not mind or care but those people likely never use search often. Funny how you think everyone besides you and a few enlightened AI readers are the only ones capable of changing a freaking setting. Aren't you the one guilty of assuming quite a lot about other iPhone users since you seem to be suggesting 98% of them are complete morons? 

    No one has yet to explain the rationale for Apple to switch to a 3rd rate search option that doesn't even have their own algorithms for search. yahoo is simply a middleman for Bing so why wouldn't they simply go with Bing directly if they wanted to switch. I really do not get the anti-Google hate. Google is not the Hatfields and Apple is not the McCoys. Google and Apple actually have a pretty good and mutually beneficial search relationship. If they switch there better be a compelling reason because search is working pretty well at the moment. Do you honestly think Microsoft are any less of a threat or competitor to Apple than Google? 

    I don't think anyone said the avg Joe can't do it. It's that they don't care to change it.

    You bring up Maps, what's the usage of Apple Maps compare to Google maps on iOS? I have both.
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    I know: Apple should agree to make Yahoo the default for people that are working from home.

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    That's nice. I'm sure Microsoft wants Apple to do the same thing. Is it too much trouble to change the default search engine? It only takes 2 seconds. I think what they should do is use all three and filter out the repeat sites.
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    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    Did you search for image

    Nope. Google will then "donate" to the DOJ and then suddenly the DOJ will investigate.

    "If Safari becomes less useful as well, it's going to be third thing (maps, Siri, Safari) in iOS being second rate because Apple is having pointless feud with Google, and more reasons for users to switch away from what they already think is overpriced fashion toy."

    This quote sums it up. It's contrary to the evidence. Siri is very useful. Safari as well w or w/o Google as default. Same with Maps.


    Google's stuff has become second rate due purely to the fact that advertising is beginning to dominate everything they do and is interfering with the quality of their services.


    Go on...


    ...cut the cord

  don't need them.

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    Originally Posted by TheBMT View Post


    Not to mention, I went to the Yahoo homepage and the first thing I saw? A huge full-screen flash ad. At least Google's ads are unobtrusive.




    ...or easy to click on by accident.


    Screw Google people can get by without them, who goes to search engine home pages anyway?

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    Originally Posted by Gatorguy View Post

    You never watched "The Internship"? image

    ...or if you need hlp with GMail for instance:

    Tech Support - Call (US Toll Free) 1-800-875-1709.


    or general tech help

    Call USA 1-800-915-3608.


    or AdWords:


    Why am I not surprised that you have it on hand.


    Can we use you for Google tech support?


    Expand your role.

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 21,119member
    hill60 wrote: »
    Why am I not surprised that you have it on hand.

    Can we use you for Google tech support?

    Can I use you as an endorsement?
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    Originally Posted by Gatorguy View Post

    Can I use you as an endorsement?


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    hill60 wrote: »
    That doesn't make cents.
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    I was surprised too. If I remember correctly, Apple directed traffic there as a homepage back in the day. I just know that was my default for a while. Seems there was another as well, but I can't recall.

    That would be AltaVista.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,417member
    pmz wrote: »

    Yahoo has the best Weather App on iOS, by far.

    Depends on what one is expecting out of a weather app, but I agree Yahoo's app is very good.
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    Originally Posted by snova View Post


    did you care that text covers up her face? 

    It was meant to be a joke in that it is the new default Apple iPhone lock screen.

    I don't put too much thought into doing it.


     something tells me if it was a photo of Jobs or Ive, that wouldn't have happened

    So yours is set to not cover Jony's face?


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    Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost View Post

    I love weather. I love weather apps. And Yahoo's is very pretty. But they're all inaccurate a lot of the time.

    Way to unnecessarily quote a big huge, post and not have any reference to any of it in your response...

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    If Apple goes with Yahoo wouldnt that mean two companies share your data then; Yahoo and Microsoft? Seems odd to want.
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    I'm just going to be in moderation hell huh? I can't be part of any discussion as by the time my comments post the discussion has moved on. What gives mod?
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    Originally Posted by DaveN View Post


    At least with Yahoo you get tech support. I've never been able to reach Google's tech support. Do they have any?

    I have also had a Gmail account for the last seven years and had a small fraction of the spam (and spastic spam-filter) problems as with Yahoo and have never needed tech support. 


    Not a popular observation on an Apple-booster site, I'm sure, but there it is. The only way to make Yahoo look good is to compare it with the steaming pile of rancid dingo chunder that was Hotmail (RIP). 

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    Originally Posted by pmz View Post


    FUD. You're stuck in the past.

    Am I?


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    Well that would be interesting but it's a choice between evils in my opinion. As for Yahoo: I'm not too happy with them since they closed My Yahoo in my country. I switched to which works as well if not better, but still not pleased with Yahoo!
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