As Apple's growth slows, media questions if 'patience' & 'resolve' of Wall Street investors will las



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    I think the iPad especially would have a larger growth boost if they'd put tactile feedback on it. That would be great for kids interacting with it if they did it right.


    Apple has patents for that. I don't think it's economically feasible yet, but then Apple can surprise and delight...

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    And, how have you done with your investments?  Are you happy with the results?  I never take all of Wall Street seriously all of the time.

    What i do is I look at the various recommendations, I listen to both sides, I look at the trends of past performance of the company's financials as well as the stock price and I kind of go with what FEELS right and sometimes I agree wholeheartedly with some of these analysts, but I did miss one drop in Apple stock.  There was at least one or two that were recommending to sell the stock and this was right when it peaked and then it went down to about $400 a share.  So sometimes, you have to listen to some of them, even if you don't agree with them.  But you have to realize are you in it for the short term or long term.  What your aversion to risk, etc.   Apple stock has had a great run for over 12 years and I see that run has been leveling off, even though I think it could be doing better.  Some analysts are consistently full of crap, some aren't.  But there are signs to look for that could mean a significant drop and sometimes it has to do with how the rest of the market is going since it's had it's ups and downs, so sometimes, it's not the company, it's just that the market shifts into pull back mode due to things outside of one company.  Remember the repeated market corrections?  Right now, I'm a little nervous as to that right now.  It's reaching some highs and there are plenty of people that are expecting another market correction, but they don't know when, they are just really being careful not to just dump money in stocks.  Some people take the day trader mindset and some take the long term (SEVERAL years), a lot of these analysts are projecting for the next 6 to 12 months, but you may be looking at the stock for a 3 to 5 year run, so that might be a difference in your opinions.    I like to look at long term AND within the next 12 months.


    Not me... I get all the investment advice I need by reading AppleInsider (especially the prescient comments) and going from there. ;)

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    jdunys wrote: »
    Investors do not care less about Apple products. They just care about figures, charts, and graphs and market share. Just look at Google and Facebook? One has 'products' in perpetual beta, and the other one, well has not much to show for itself. No-one cares that both platforms are getting worse with every passing year and that will look like dinosaurs in not too long a time -- like what happened to Yahoo, MySpace, and others -- because they do not understand anything about products.

    In fact, it seems that all these analysts are always late to the party when something truly great cones along. They dismissed the iPod, ignored iTunes, smiled at the iPhone, and were unconvinced by the iPad. No clue, no idea, no imagination, and no morals.

    Well said.
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    Well said.


    A lot of investors in Apple stock are Apple users.  Every Apple employee is typically an owner of Apple stock and stock options.  Jeeez...


    It's just that when you become an investor, you have to look it from a numbers and return on investment if you want to do a good job in understanding the company, you have to look at the business and decide whether it's a good return on investment.  That's where the numbers, charts, etc. come into play.  Some people know how to analyze Apple and some don't.  But don't get caught up in the "I love Apple, so analysts are a$$holes" when they don't like the potential of Apple as a growth stock or future investment.   You may not agree with them, but they are just trying to figure out if Apple's a good investment or not.  Right now, it's an OK safe investment but not for someone looking a high growth stock.  They haven't proved they can bring in 30% yearly growth rate, which is what they WERE doing for over a decade.

    Apple is just now a safe long term stock that will go up slowly and pay lots of dividends.  Which isn't a bad thing, it's just different than they used to be.

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    If you buy the stock do it for the safe 2.3% dividend but don't expect any moves near 600/share ever again.  


    Ever again? Let me just leave this here...



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