Rumor: Apple to update current MacBook Air models with new CPUs next week [u]



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    Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost View Post

    The MacBook Air is a superb laptop; possibly Apple's finest.

    The iPod mini was brilliant. Apple replaced it with the iPod nano, despite the huge popularity of the mini.


    Absolutely ridiculous comparison. The iPad Nano had ALL the functionality of the mini, and then some. It was a smaller but more powerful, featured device in all respects. Can you say the same thing about the iPad vs a Macbook Air?

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    Originally Posted by hmm View Post


    Yeah there's a pretty long gap between Haswell and Broadwell. I meant you might see a more significant bump to that aspect come Broadwell, which I don't think we'll see in a currently shipping Air until late this year or the beginning of next year. The reason for that is that I think Intel was planning late Q3 and some might slide later. Apart from that Apple typically staggers the Air refreshes a bit more than the macbook pros, although intel doesn't always bump the cpus used by the Airs.


    Yes, the point in my disappointment was that I[m in the market for one NOW, not in the fall or next year. Obviously bigger updates are coming in the future. 

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    This is one of the most ridiculous post I've ever seem.

    An iPad can not do what a MBA can do. Maybe there are people who can get an iPad to do what they do on their MBA but then they didn't need a MBA in the first place.

    I don't own an iPad because it can run BootCamp or run OSX apps.
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    slurpy wrote: »
    Uh, As far as I can see it's using the same GPU, and these are still Haswell chips. I know its a mid-cycle refresh, but 11 months seems a bit longer than "mid-cycle". 

    It's not Apple's fault, its Intel's delay in Broadwell.
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    Originally Posted by iRun262 View Post

    It's not Apple's fault, its Intel's delay in Broadwell.

    It's an issue of expectation management.  Processes get smaller and smaller, and yet we expect consistent updates. Overall I see no reason why machines couldn't just be kept for longer periods of ownership.

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