Apple expected to unveil new smart home platform at WWDC - report



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    Thinking that the "real" smart home for Apple comes first when they are introducing a system that is at the core of the grid/the power consumption, in such a way that their platform is able to communicate live with the company delivering the energy. Thats where the real smart home is found. The one that has a central brain that can automate actions, suggest actions while taking into consideration the real time price of what ever power/energy the house/home is connected to.
    Also - would love to see Apple move towards a platform that can automate or dynamically have the platform make several different smart products seamlessly act smart together. IE: The fire alarm goes off, the system calls the fire dept, unlocks all doors, turns on all lights and calls your neighbours.
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    Originally Posted by Andysol View Post

    TS has a head? Thought he was a robot...


    Can’t they have heads?

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    Originally Posted by Andysol View Post


    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

    Oh... I'm sure it didn't go over TS's head. 

    TS has a head? Thought he was a robot...

    Nah, a room full of chimpanzees bashing on keyboards.  :-)

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    Originally Posted by Taniwha View Post

    Nah, a room full of chimpanzees bashing on keyboards.  :-)


    But soft, what hope through yonder rumor breaks,

    It is the Apple TV, and Jony Ive is the designer.

    See how he lays his hands upon the CNC machine…

    Oh, that I were to stick my head inside that room that I may CNC what he CNCs… 


    Ook oook

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    Apple iTV will likely be at the center of this smart home by the end of the year. Speculation from a few is that small company called Pixelworks is helping to develop it. They released to the SEC (public company) that Apple did $10M in business last year with them and it seems a co-development project is in process. Also former Apple exec recently joined the board. A long time waiting, but connecting the dots, it seems the iTV is finally on its way. Pixelworks has always focused on larger TV's, although recently also developed mobile chip for 4K on mobile devices. Some think the deal with Apple is for iphone 4K video chips, but I believe iTV.
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    Not sure how they plan on announcing this at WWDC without exposing features of the iphone 6. If they plan on using NFC touchid for device pairing then the cover will be blown. Not typical Apple protocol. If one watched closely when Tim Cook was presenting TouchID, he stood in front of a slide that depicted everything from locks, to payment terminals, to homes etc. It is clear that their vision for biometric authentication will require globally accepted security standards - BLE does not and will never get accepted by EMV or Global Payment as a secure standard for payment transmission. Those of us who have worked with and understand beacons also realize that it will be difficult to provide a fool proof method for performing actions like unlocking doors etc. There are still problems with the geofencing accuracy on most beacons in the market (I use qualcomm) and unless Apple reveals a better beacon or OS improvements to recognize USER INTENT with beacons, it will be a clunky system at best.
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    Phew, what a relief! I never did know how to turn on lights; now I’ll be able to do it with my iPhone.

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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post

    Originally Posted by thegreatcaesar View Post

    I kind of hope this isn't what they'll be announcing. This sounds like "Nest" meets iOS and Nest is pretty boring. But it is Apple, whatever they do, it'll be done with grace and beauty.


    Nest is insanely limited compare to other home automation solutions on the market- home automation potential is anywhere but "boring".


    If this happens, it would be absolutely stunning, since there really hasn't been any solid rumors about it at all. Proves that Apple will continue charting its own path instead of doing what everyone predicts (TV/smartwatch). Home automation is extremely exciting, its a nascent market with a million players in it, but still a complete mess with no standards. Apple could make a massive splash and pretty much dominate it if they really do it right. They already have many pieces of the puzzle to make it a seamless, intuitive experience. I'm thinking they will start simple initially (lights, etc) then branch out to more complexity once consumers get used to the idea. 


    This is also a sensitive area where Apple has a major PR advantage, given the privacy stigma of Google. Many would not be comfortable buying home automation hardware that tracks your every move from an advertising company. 

    I couldn't disagree more. Home automation doesn't interest me one little bit. I don't need some stupid fucking app to turn the fucking lights on, because I've got a fucking finger.

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    Originally Posted by TeaEarleGreyHot View Post

    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post


    I'm hanging for an iBeer right now.


    It's called "hard cider".  

    Can't do cider; this site's got it covered (see Apple Insider).

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