Longtime Apple PR head Katie Cotton officially retires



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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    That's nearly 13 hours of work per day 7 days a week. That doesn't include lunch, commute, or any other work related chores that you don't get paid. That's also 50% more hours than Foxconn workers are allowed to work.


    That’s the story.

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    That's very different. Even if we assume that the folklore.org article is accurate it states 1) they were trying to meet a deadline so it wasn't something expected of them constantly, and 2) that were young "with few family obligations to distract us."

    At one point in my life I worked 2 full-time jobs for only 72 hours a week of pay. One was a typical 8am to 5pm job with an hour off for lunch and the other was a weekend only where I pulled double shifts so I would work 16 hours on both Sat and Sunday from 3pm to 7am, no time off for lunch so you brought it. I did that for 6 months. I was young. I wasn't neglecting any close family members or pets. I didn't go out with friends. t saved a lot of money. I was a walking zombie.

    There is no way I could do that now and I'm not even close to the 62yo retirement age. There is no way that would be done at Apple today and no way that one could do that for decades on end as [@]Benjamin Frost[/@] suggests.
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    There is no way that would be done at Apple today…


    Well, not without it being a decision made by the people in question, certainly. And no; I imagine he’s just being facetious anyway.

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    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    You can't believe the tripe you just write, can you? Cook oversaw the most profitable period in Apple's history. How does spending < 3% of available cash on Beats define Apple as a "me-too/let-me-buy-you-with-my-cash" company?


    That was exactly my point - he oversaw it as a great COO, i.e. no need to have vision or anything of the sort; as a CEO he is unfortunately going the way of Nokia.

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    Originally Posted by mpantone View Post

    Good riddance, part of the Steve Jobs era that really deserves to be shown the door and handed her hat.

    She has been an unabashed, unapologetic and crushingly unconvincing liar on behalf of the company (primarily for Steve).

    She fulfilled an important role in the company at the time, although she largely fell silent about a year before Steve's passing, probably because no one sane would believe what she uttered, like the "Steve is out with a virus" B.S. which because increasingly shrill and ludicrous.

    But hey, high tech public relations is one of the most soulless careers on the planet, it's rather surprising that anyone can survive nearly two decades in such a soul-sucking role. Hopefully there's something still left in her heart.

    I sincerely wish her the best of luck on her future endeavors. For everyone's sake, let's hope it has nothing to do with public relations.

    If what you say about Cotton is correct, I suggest she did her job very well !!!


    Also she knew when it's time to go.

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    Leaving on her own terms must be satisfying. All I can say is . . . congratulations for a job well done. How I wish I had the resources to attract someone of her caliber to help me with our PR.
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