Apple's OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 update improves Wi-Fi reliability, fixes Mail bugs, more



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    Yosemite is a nightmare. Its made my life as a motion designer hell. Premier doesn't work at all. After effects is sluggish and freezes often. When using a projector plugged into my HDMI port it FREAKS out all the time. The cursor disappears. You often get stuck in full screen quicktime and have to turn the mac off to get out. The sound disappears everyday and I have to go into system preferences to switch back to internal speakers. Wifi problems. Using personal hotspot between mac and iPhone is terrible. Bad rendering of windows, when you open a file while in photoshop the window stores as it opens... its horrible. Its such a shame apple released this version - as a long apple user 10 years now. I am forced to look at buying a PC now as they can't run the software I use. Sad times... ... NOTE; If you use you mac to browse the web and use only Apple software you may not find many problems with Yosemite. BUT, If you, like me use it for professional design work and motion graphics and loads of 3rd party software - I strongly advise to stick to you current OS. As Yosemite has forced me to need a PC. For me, its completely useless..
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    beeej wrote: »
    Yosemite has forced me to need a PC.

    You can downgrade to an OS before Yosemite. You'd clone your drive to an external, install an older version of the OS and move your files over. Adobe says here that their software should be ok for the versions they tested:
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