HTC disses Apple, Samsung in new rap video

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Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC recently released a bizarre music video starring rapper Don G alongside backup dancers dressed as smartphones, dubbed "Hold the Crown," in which the former waxes lyrical about the relative superiority of HTC's handsets and executive team.

"Y'all can't be serious man / Y'all trying to bite us? / You know what I'm saying? / It took y'all six years to get what we got in two years," G begins, apparently referring to Samsung's six-year-old Galaxy line. There is no word on what HTC has that Samsung is trying to "bite" in the lyrics as transcribed by Engadget.

The song continues, suggesting that people may not currently know HTC's name but will shortly, as they are "about to say it loud" and currently "hold the crown," though the exact crown is not defined. HTC CEO Peter Chou is called out personally, presumably an affirmation of his leadership.

G goes on to call HTC's rivals "smartphone scared," saying that they don't want to "clash with a Titan" and insinuating that the release of HTC's One M8 may have caused competitors to alter their plans. Samsung is rumored to have moved the forthcoming Galaxy S6 to an all-metal design.

Apple appears to be the track's next target, with similar criticism: "Your phone was all glass / Why you change your tune now," G raps, seemingly referring to the gradual shift from the iPhone 4's glass back to the iPhone 6's all-metal rear.

The Apple assault continues, with G saying Apple's "chip is slower" and the Cupertino company will "never touch [HTC's] BoomSound." BoomSound is HTC's replacement for the Beats Audio system found on the One M7, a partnership which ended following Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics.

Criticism then becomes more blunt: "We own the universe, your Galaxy is overrated."

This is followed by an enumeration of the One M8's various technical specifications, alongside a plea that the general public should follow the lead of tech bloggers, who have responded positively to the new handset. The track winds down by calling the One M8 "the greatest smartphone ever created baby...far too great for y'all competition," ending with another claim on the still-unidentified "crown" and a final recollection of HTC chief Chou.


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    Lolololol...nothing beats the A8, sorry.



    Here's some classic Apple vids:





    In short, Apple is funnier.

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    chris_cachris_ca Posts: 2,543member
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    ronmgronmg Posts: 163member
    Um, wow. Like, wow. Ok. Wow.
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    Words I would not use in relation to HTC...
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    bdkennedy1bdkennedy1 Posts: 1,459member

    Embarrassing to watch.

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    Yikes. That is embarrassing.
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    pfisherpfisher Posts: 758member

    Status symbol.


    Stay classy.

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,116member

    I don't even..


    Ok, I'll buy. What the **** are they referring to "it took you 6 times to get it right"? Size? 

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    calicali Posts: 3,495member
    Ok I saw the video

    1. HTC apparently stands for "Hold The Crown". I'm guessing they mean holding an Htc is "Holding the crown".

    2. Don't go after Apple in a rap when Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre work there. Dre can retaliate with Eminem and several other A-listers including himself. Jimmy can ask his top 40 buddies to join. I never even heard of this HTC rapper.
    Too bad this will only get a good laugh out of Jimmy and Dre. :(

    3. "Where I'm from you never get respect for bitin"

    ALL android phones are a cheap iPhone knockoff.

    Why the hell do they mention biting so many times in the song? The irony is sad.

    4. Who the hell is the goofy white guy in the video? Way to contrast the "tough guy" image. Missing that dance trick at the end only makes HTC look bad.... And awkward.
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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,664member
    So sad. I had hope for HTC.
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    ick, ick, baby!



    Originally Posted by cali View Post


    4. Who the hell is the goofy white guy in the video? Way to contrast the "tough guy" image. Missing that dance trick at the end only makes HTC look bad.... And awkward.


    Yep, the white guy bustin' a move at the end -- and failing -- sums up the video and this lame attempt at marketing beautifully.

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    calicali Posts: 3,495member
    hcrefugee wrote: »
    Yep, the white guy bustin' a move at the end -- and failing -- sums up the video and this lame attempt at marketing beautifully.

    That's the SAME reaction I got!!

    Thank God Apple doesn't do cheesy commercials.
    Well in my opinion the iPhone 6 commercials were annoying(but not as bad as this HTC attempt), I hope they go back to the more meaningful ads.
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,252member

    I actually started getting sick there at the end. Couldn't even finish it.

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    The iPhone is thinner than that.

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    Now I know where balmer landed.
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 4,501member

    If HTC wants to cater to the criminal element, using gangsta rappers that stereotype women, are all about greed and violence, by all means go right ahead.  It's unfortunate that HTC went this route as I think it will turn off a lot of people.

    If for a moment I lost all sanity and considered an Android phone it would be a tossup between HTC and Sony.  I think HTC should have been the #1 Android phone for what its worth.  They weren't as blatant with their iPhone clones as Samsung is.

    Since these folks care only about image, I'll bet money that these guys' personal phones are iPhones. 

    The video was lame.  I think I saw my IQ level decreasing as I continued to watch it.

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    .... The nerdy bloggers.... With that Commadore 64, the Gates wanna be is poking at. LMFAO!
    Good poke at historical humor while absolutely relevant to nothing.
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    Desperate time calls for desperate measure and this video reeks of overwhelming desperation.
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    poksipoksi Posts: 481member

    Don't understand so much bitching here. This "musician" and HTC are match made in heaven. :)  Market will be soon a bit less brand saturated, I guess... ;)

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