From beaches to bridges, Apple has plenty of possible California-themed names for next OS X



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    xiao-zhixiao-zhi Posts: 112member

    Dare to Tim Cook : OS X Guerneville 


    Just Do It, Tim.

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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member

    OS X I-5


    Or as someone already mentioned OS X PCH

    Nothing's more California than it's roads.


    OS X Zzyzx?


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    kibitzerkibitzer Posts: 1,114member

    OSX Castro?

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    elrothelroth Posts: 1,201member

    Maybe they should make Yosemite into a first class operating system before they come out with a new one.


    I like Yosemite, but there are still a lot of annoyances, and they're still fixing major bugs. I hope Apple concentrates on that, instead of introducing 200 new features and changing dozens of interface elements, and then spending the next year fixing what doesn't work, before introducing the next OS in 2016 and starting the cycle all over again.

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