Review: Apple Watch is beautiful, but rough around the edges



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    You didn't mention navigation by haptic, which I've found to be one of the most impressive apps. While driving, you simply turn left when you feel three twin taps, and right when there's a quick sequence of single taps. It seems to get the timing right and is very intuitive. No need to take your eyes off the road, and you can use it while listening to the radio or talking to someone. This seems to me to be a seriously useful development with real possibilities.

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    One more observation, related to my earlier one: if you're getting long-sighted in your middle-age, most of the apps are no more useable without putting on your glasses than those on the iPhone are. All the more reason for Apple (and others) to develop the haptic feedback angle – and think about other non-textual ways to transmit info on the watch face.

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    I received the Apple Watch sport 42mm black band yesterday. I'm extremely disappointed on the look and feel of the sport watch model. Cheap toy like look and feel to it. It puzzles me how apple will approve of such materials for production. I think this Is seriously going to hurt them, Short term. Many people like myself will be returning the watch for that reason only for an exchange????????. Apple fans Have standard this is not acceptable coming from apple for an entry level device. It has the cheapest look and Feel on the market on that price range, Is horrible. I sold my watch immediately After playing with it for about 6 hours. & Immediately ordered the stainless steel model????????????. I was delighted and amazed of the software how initiative it was to use. is my first smart watch im totally content With the software. Totally disgusted of the hardware on the sport model is filthy. A buch of people should get fired!! Over this. I recommend all of u to go to the apple store and try what u can afford on. Before u further delay the process of u being happy with an apple watch witch I was %100 but couldn't not stand the look and fill my mother and wife couldn't believe it was maid by apple.


    Mission accomplished, Apple. They engineered the upsell they intended: you upgraded to the Steel.


    You're not the only one. The aluminum case and polymer band has a budget watch vibe that makes it a nonstarter for me. Patiently waiting for my Space Black Steel to arrive in "June".

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    So I have only had the watch for 1 week, but I love it and if you have an iPhone (basically a requirement), I would give this at the very least a 4 out of 5. Yes the apps need help, but how is that apples fault? I check my phone 50% less than I did before, making me more productive for sure.

    When I get home, set the phone down and do all family things until later, not missing a thing. No more sitting at the dinner table reading phones or anything like that. I would say that if they can give me a tablet that is a full computer, including wireless connection and ability to sync apple watch, I would drop the iPhone asap. I love my phone, dont get me wrong, the watch just helps replace that a little bit.

    I could not be happier with this watch, maybe adding a GPS, but I am sure that will be around in next years release. Apple is smart like that, to give another reason to buy next year (customers hate that, but smart business for sure).
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    3.5 rating is ridiculously low.


    Apple Watch is best in class by far and should get a 4.0 rating at least.


    These ratings should be in comparisson to the rest of the market, not some idealistic dream product.


    This is like rating a Toyota Corolla a 3.5 because it does not have a 300hp engine and leather seats.  




    I totally agree, that rating is insulting. Bring the next best watch to the table and let's compare. All the others must be a rating of 2 or lower......

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