Wall Street seems to prefer Kremlinology over factual analysis when it comes to the Apple Watch



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    But PLEASE: They HAVE beaten last years Q2 by > 30% more or less across the board - what more do you ask??


    I don't ask for anything more, but I'm not an analyst.  Every public company goes through this.  The analysts are pretty good at their jobs, too.  They look at what you have done, what the market is doing, what the industry is doing, and what changes you made YoY...and provide an estimate.  Then how you fare against the average estimates is how investors view your quarter. 

    Fair or unfair, everyone deals with it.  You can either buy into the gloom and panic, you can ignore the panic and get a bargain, or you can sit on the sidelines and wait for more info.  To each their own. 

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    This isn't a knock against anyone, but I can tell that some of you aren't big into the stock market.  What analysts say and what the stock does on a particular day will make you pull your hair out. 

    What usually happens with the companies I follow is exactly opposite what someone just looking at a stock a few times a year would expect.  When my go-to safety net stock beats earning estimates, the stock drops pretty big that day.  If they miss, then it goes up.  Why?  Because when they meet expectations everyone sells in order to take profits.  When it misses, everyone buys because they think it is now a bargain.  this is a company that's been around for decades, like AAPL, and a lot of people and funds have it as a base, like AAPL. 


    take whatever you think is normal behavior and throw it out the window.  Don't get worked up over the movement based on what analysts are saying.  By monday all eyes will be on another sector and this will get back into its usual trading bands.  If you want to increase your holdings in AAPL, now is a good time.

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    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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    Guards are a fungible commodity; money almost always talks, but sometimes a little sex goes a long way.


    "No one could possibly imagine prison personnel helping prisoners escape".


    I reckon the poster of the Latin question is actually making a clever play on the topic ("Who watches the Watchmen?") as well as asking a valid question as to who monitors the excesses of the FTC and the other industry-watcher analysts who, time and again, have shown a bias in favour of companies that actually are clients of theirs or have powerful lobbyists in the corridors of government and commerce.

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    rogifan wrote: »
    I see Gene Munster has moved on from TV...now says Apple should buy Tesla. :no:


    Thats is pretty ironic since the TV will launch Soon (tm)
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