Key 'iPhone 6s' upgrades reaffirmed to be Force Touch, rose gold color, improved cameras & Touch ID



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    s.metcalf wrote: »
    This doesn't bode well for sales, if flat or below are predicted. Apple really needs to lift their game. This tick tock thing is really limiting.

    yeah, they're only the best-selling phones in he history of the planet *every single year*, and eating up all of the profit in the mobile sector. totally limiting.

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    You must be new here. Hating everything new is the de rigueur.

    It works wonderfully on the Apple Watch.

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    They should.


    The iPhone 6 should have been 1080P from day one.

    You sure mean the very first iPhone. 

    and you forgot to mention that it should have included a Tricorder and be a Transformer actually having the ability to unfold into the AppleCar. <img class=" src="" />

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