Apple has target ship date of 2019 for electric car project, but it won't be self driving - report



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    Whoa. Just saw that the CEO of VW is resigning...
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    Apple creates the iBook… it fades away… then later releases iBooks.
    Apple creates the iPod… it fades away… then later releases the iPod (car)?

    Apple creates iCal… the name fades away… then later purchases California and renames it iCal?
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    Whoa. Just saw that the CEO of VW is resigning...

    It would have been scandalous if he hadn't.


    To me, the whole scandal shows that car makers cannot meet emission standards set by governments, customer efficiency expectations, and performance expectations with ICE cars all at the same time. Maybe (I am not an engineer), they have reached the physical limits (efficiency gains cannot be unlimited, a car cant run on zero petrol). That;s why they resort to cheating. VW is the poster child of German industry, this scandal goes to the core of our psyche and cultural understanding of our role in the world.


    This means that EVs will come now very quickly, that is the only way car manufacturers will reach the standards (as someone noted, BMW will offer their entire fleet as EV or Hybrids by 2020).

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    You're conflating an a self-driving vehicle with one that has no human pilot behind the wheel. That's like saying if you put on Cruise Control you can take a nap or because a plane has autopilot no pilots need to be in the cockpit. Baby steps. Realistic baby steps.

    Forgive me my excitement, but the Future is really near, like, November 2015


    It is happening (in the Netherlands).

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