Apple's iPad Pro available to order Wednesday, delivers later this week



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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,334member
    ncee wrote: »
    I've tried EVERY Apple store from Portland Maine to New York city, and they ALL say they are out of the 128 Gold Wi-Fi Cellular models:(

    We ordered the grey 128/LTE. It seems as though the rose gold devices are amazingly popular.
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    indyfxindyfx Posts: 321member

    Melgross, re-targeting existing code (from from 68k to PPC, or PPC to intel) is not rewriting an application (though no doubt it, because of incompatibilities, requires much debugging)

    What apple did with FinalCutPro X was a rewrite, Adobe will likely never do that with PhotoShop.

    Trying to cludge a port of an already bloated and aging program built for an old school resource heavy OS to a light resource platform like iOS wouldn't really be a prudent move (and I'm sure adobe realizes this) It will be much better (assuming they want to be competitive on the iPadPro) to make a much better brand new version of PS for the iPadPro.

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