Spotify says Apple rejected update over App Store policies, 'causing grave harm' to service



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    zoetmb said:
    there we go again w/ the misdirection about the credit card fee -- as if that was the purported reason for the 30%. nope. the 30% is rent to do busines in Apple's shopping mall, which they designed, built, and maintain with their own money. if you want to do business inside of it, you gotta pay rent. if apple didnt charge the fee for subscription apps, then all the other one-time-payment apps wouldnt instantly switch to subscription to avoid paying the 30% for their apps. that would be stupid. 

    its pretty clear. you cant walk into the Mall of America and sell magazine subscriptions for free, can you? same thing.
    No it's not the same thing, since taking a space in the Mall of America doesn't require you to pay a royalty on every sale to the mall operator.   You pay a fixed fee for rent per month.    It's definitely fair for Apple to take 30% of the charge for an application.   Whether it's fair for Apple to take 30% of everything sold within an application is a completely other question.   For anyone selling physical products, it's impossible, since 30% of sales would be below wholesale in 90% of goods sold today.    

    However, I think rogifan_new is wrong when he says it's all about $$$$ for Apple.   I think it is more about seeing that Spotify doesn't succeed as well as Apple's usual arrogance.   I remember that when Apple first announced the 30% fee, publishers especially, were very upset.    In many businesses today, there isn't 30% margin to give.  I think some flexibility is warranted here. 
    Actually shopping centers do get a small percentage of sales after a certain "break even" point. That's why they like top tier tenants that drive foot traffic. 
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    jonl said:
    davidw said:

    You are clueless. The reason why we don't have to send makers of Smart TV's, BD players, AVTs, etc a check for using the apps in their devices is because they are not charging us to use the apps in their devices. Plus you must already have an account with the owner of the app to use their app on one of these devices. And you must set up this account on the app's website. There is no direct link on the app that will connect you to their website. That's because most of these device don't have an internet browser. With Apple or Google app stores, you are paying the fee for using an app to pay for an account. Not to use the app to access the contents. Can one pay for their subscription account using the app on their Smart TV, BD players, AVRs. 'etc.?  Is this getting through to you? 
    The point is, Apple should be using their model. I don't know what you loons think is so special about iOS devices compared to other devices. I never have and never would  pay Apple a tax to use a service on their devices. I don't pay other device manufacturers a tax. Understand, loon?
    If you don't want to pay the "tax" then buy apps only from developers that don't pass the "tax" to you on your purchase. Otherwise, go to the developer's website and sign up for an account there. Understand? 

    But what if you don't want to pay for an app by giving your CC and personal info to some developer that will use the info to send you spam and ads. What if you want to keep your CC safe and pay for the app with your iTunes account? If Sony had to offer this service to their customers that uses their Smart TV's or BD players, you can bet that Sony will charge the developer of the app for doing this. Plus Sony servers were hacked. Imagine what would happen if they had CC and account info on all their customers that uses their device. Sony would have to beef up their security and that cost money. A cost that gets transfer to the developers that wants Sony to handle the purchase. And if the developer is like Spotify, they will pass that cost to the purchasers of their apps.   

    And do tell how any developer can develop an app for a Smart TV, BD player and ATV's? How do users of these devices add new apps on to it? Do any of these device makers provide any of the software to develop apps for it? You think LG has a department for developers to submit apps for their TV's? Tell me, how many new apps do the maker of these devices were added to your Smart TV, BD player or ATV since you bought it? Millions? Thousands? Hundreds? Ten? How about none? Seeing anything special about a mobile device vs a device like a BD player yet? 

    If Apple uses these devices model, you would not be able to pay for your app purchases using their devices. You would have to do what you have to do with Smart TV's. BD players and ATV's, that is go to the developer's website to open your account and pay for your subscription. Good luck with giving away your CC and personal info to the dozens of different developers of the apps you want to buy and use. And remembering every month to visit dozens of developer websites to pay for your monthly subscriptions. 

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    Will someone pay these idiots to shut up? 
    I think essentially that's what they want!
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