Touch controllers on iPhone 6, 6 Plus failing in specific way for some users



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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,668administrator
    Well, good news. We're collecting data from Apple Store employees, and regardless of how it goes, we'll let you know.

    However, of your 500 million phones sold, well less than a third are from the iPhone 6 (not 6s) family, and less than half of those are the iPhone 6 plus. According to early data that I've got, your 100,000 estimate of failures is very, very low, but I'll keep running the numbers as they come in.

    I agree, though, that with any mobile device, Apple Care or other two-year programs offered through credit card companies are an excellent buy.
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    slurpy said:
    This must be an INSANELY small # of people, since tens and tens and tens of millions of iPhone 6/6S have been sold, and I haven't heard a peep about this issue. But I'm sure some will desperately try to turn this into the next "gate", and headlines will be made about how the phone is a lemon. 
    I'm on my third iPhone 6 Plus 128GB replacement, and there are pages of posts over at the Apple forums from others. The golden rule about support is that if one person complains about something there are usually ten others with the same problem who aren't so vocal. I think Apple will need to do a recall of the devices because either State or Federal will step in; this is HUGE. Apple's inclination is probably to settle a class action - pay a few million to the lawyers and the affected users gets a $100 voucher towards an older model iPhone. The reason they're not responding is because a new iPhone is about to be released and secondly the financial costs could be enormous.
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    This issue is not related to bending. I had a 6 plus for over 2 years, no issues at all. I recently dropped my phone (under warranty) and Apple sent me a replacement. The replacement went straight into a rigid case. The problem started to develop within the first few days of owning it. Apple acts dumb on the phone as if they're not aware of it. Now I have to send this phone back to Apple as well, and wait for a return. So I'm out of a phone for a week. I hope there's a class action lawsuit because this is simply unacceptable.
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