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Every subculture will to a certain extend develop its own language with its own words, meanings, expression, humor etc. that differs from the everyday language. It has a lot of functions. Two of them is to create boundaries between the "inside" and "outside" of the subculture and to create a heracy inside.

AI is a subculture (AI) within a subculture (Apple) within a subculture (Tech) and thus our expressions can be hard for newcommers to understand to much surprise for us old ones (like the question about the TiBook).

So since I think of this place as one that should be open and (almost) as transparent as possible I´ll start a list of expressions frequently used here and I hope people will join in about everything from Pismos to waterlemons and confirmed. I´ll start with current portables:

TiBook: The current Powerbook offering from Apple. Used for all G4 powerbooks until the current ones. Named for the metal (titanium) that Steve Jobs thought was such a revolutionary thing to put in computers when he introduced it.

iceBook: The current iBook design after the clamshell formed iBook. Named for its foggy appearence (plastic painted white on the inside) and is a play with its real name iBook.

RDF: Is for Reality Distorsion Field. A field either emitting from Steve Jobs himself or a RDF generator that he succesly use to convince people that a patterned iMac is the best thing since the mouse and the new revolution in hardware.


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    Mac OS X: The new version of the Macintosh Operating System (OS). Mac OS X is based on a new core from Mac OS 9, the previous version of the Mac OS. It is pronounced "Mac Oh Ess Ten"

    Classic: Refers to Mac OS 9 and previous versions of the Mac OS. Mac OS 9 can be run in a compatability mode in Mac OS X, also called Classic. Further, Classic is often used to describe programs that do not run natively in Mac OS X. Classic can not take advantage of Aqua and other core technologies.

    Carbon: A way to write a native Mac OS X program that is very similar to the way a Classic program is written. because of this, many classic programs can be rewritten for Mac OS X very quickly. Carbon is a completely native programming language, and takes advantage of all of the new features in Mac OS X that make it a modern operating system, including Aqua and other core technologies.

    Cocoa: A programming language that Mac OS X inherited from it's predicessor, NeXTSTEP. It is very different from the way Classic programs are written, but is easy to use and allows people to write programs very quickly from scratch. Cocoa takes advantage of Aqua and other core technologies. Cocoa is in no way better than Carbon; they are peers.

    Aqua: The new user interface (UI) in Mac OS X. Aqua is the thing that provides the throbbing buttons, transparent menus, etc.

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Apple A computer company in Cupertino, CA that makes software and popular computers like the iMac (pronounced i-mack) and cool software like QuickTime (prounounced reel-player) that speeds up time and makes movies run fast.
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    Stevenote two hours of madness every three to six months, when we all use the weeks in front to work ourself into a rumor frenzy, just get disapointed afterwards, and go through the whole "well, guess I just expected too much..." routine once again...

    hokey-puck The mouse everyone loves to hate. (I still cant see why everyone hated it so much (not the 2nd rev. anyway)...

    Monkey-boy the sad evidence that only the real Steve can get a Keynote to really glow...
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    Infinity loop Apples adresse in Cupertino...

    bondi blue the color of the original (rev. A) imac.
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    B&W Mac. (Blue and White powermac)

    Slowsilver and/or Quicksilver (G4 powermac)
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    [quote]Originally posted by New:

    <strong>Monkey-boy the sad evidence that only the real Steve can get a Keynote to really glow...</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Hey, come on now, you're perpetuating the closed-ness.

    Monkey-boy is Steve Balmer, CEO of M$ (Microsoft). He got the nickname "Monkey-boy" because he hopped around like a monkey on stage at an M$ keynote. Hmmm... maybe more than one. Does he always hop around like that?
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    You're right, sorry... It kinda illustrates Anders' point.
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Steve'd: the cancellation of a product feature, a product, a product line or a service of Apple Computer (see above) by the mercurial co-founder Steven P. Jobs.

    Example of use in a sentence: "I heard that there was going to be an FM radio tuner built into the next version, but it got Steve'd. Bummer, dude."

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    Cat, Watermelon, Steve Jobs: are all terms associated with a pre-blackout member's original signature that went something like "My cat eats watermelon". This signature was appropriated by a waggish member who changed it to "My cat can eat a whole watermelon". In short order there were scores of variants on the cat/watermelon theme and at some point Steve Jobs was introduced into the mix. This is one of the AI sub-culture events that predates the blackout of 2001.

    Blackout: was a period in 2001 when the AppleInsider website was inactive due to server and owner issues. Longtime members of AI searched each other out in the back alleys of other forums such as MacAddict, OrangeInsider, Bad Flamingo and the MacNN forums. These were dark days for AI members. There is no standing emergency backup plan should this event reoccur, so members are advised to haunt these other forums until you find the AI gang.

    Making The Plastics: a historic signoff from a purported Apple Insider in South Korea who claimed to have inside knowledge of Apple products in 1999/2000. This user, Kim Kap Sol, drew praise and ire alike from the AI community. This catchphrase has become a shorthand among older members of these forums. Saying it out loud in a large group of Apple Users will quickly identify members of AI by the large grin which is sure to be plastered across their face.
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    Those are funny, drew. The "making plastics" one especially, because that was the beginning of my time here (late 1999/early 2000...back when the site was black and turquoise).

    I suggested, a while back, in the ongoing effort to flesh this site out beyond a standard UBB forum, that there should be an AppleInsider FAQ where things just like this are addressed and explained.

    Threads get really long and tough to follow (plus, have the tendency to veer off into a silly Fireside Chat-esque flame orgy).

    Posting all the above (and any others that come along) into a convenient, one-stop page that's easily accessed by a direct link at the top of the page would be very cool.

    Here's a couple that are strictly member-oriented:

    CDon8100 DOES NOT mean "CDon". He nailed me for that a long time ago.

    Likewise, Fran441 is not a woman. I also made that mistake during my early times here.

    Also, the Miss Tron thing should be addressed. As well as Macintosh.

    Hell, even a possible FAQ devoted to FellowshipiBookChurch (the member who holds the record of a) starting the most flame-attracting threads and b) the member who took the shortest amount of time to get temporarily banned by the admins.

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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    [quote]Originally posted by drewprops:


    Making The Plastics</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Heh. He lives on on my computer

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    Confirmed: a term traditionally used to signify that some heretofore theoretical possibility had been observed and proven to be an actuality. At AppleInsider this term has been so overused in thread titles that no regular AI member raises an eyebrow when they see it.

    NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement, a contractual agreement between two parties wherein one agrees not to reveal any portion of the technology or business intentions of the party who has issued the NDA. In the context of AppleInsider, NDA's are often discussed when plausible rumors are circulated to the forums. As much as AI members want to know about upcoming products they respect NDA's and encourage people who are signatory to such agreements to take special care not to endanger their relationship with companies who have issued such agreements.

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    Sneaker Mouse: the most embarassing "insider" news article to ever run on AppleInsider when the website was in the business of publishing rumor reports. Three dimensional model shots accompanied an article about this alleged new product. This revolutionary new mouse looked like a knobbly sports shoe....or more accurately the foot that should go INTO that sports shoe.

    Disney To Buy Apple: one of the longest-running rumors surrounding Apple Computer is the idea that Disney would purchase the computer maker. In 1999 AppleInsider ran a strong rumor to this effect and shortly thereafter retracted the story with effusive apologies and regrets, revealing that the publication of the rumor had jeopordized someone's career. The AI reporters considered the cessation of all rumor reports due to this incident, but soon after returned to publishing articles on a more sporadic basis until the website's blackout in 2001. When the website returned to action its rumor articles were notably missing, having become strictly a forum for the discussion of Apple Computer and related subject matter.
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    [quote]Originally posted by New:

    <strong>Infinity loop Apples adresse in Cupertino...

    bondi blue the color of the original (rev. A) imac.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Actually its Infinite Loop or One Infinite Loop, right?

    And the Rev. B was 'bondi' as well. Bondi is the name of a beach in Austrailia, and the 'bondi' iMac was so named because its color supposedly resembled the color of that beach's waters.
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    [quote]Originally posted by pscates:

    <strong>Likewise, Fran441 is not a woman. I also made that mistake during my early times here.


    I never thought that. Maybe you were just having a recovered memory of your lunch lady "Fran Kerbloutski" who already served you those runny mashed potatoes.

    [quote]Originally posted by pscates:


    Hell, even a possible FAQ devoted to FellowshipiBookChurch (the member who holds the record of a) starting the most flame-attracting threads and b) the member who took the shortest amount of time to get temporarily banned by the admins.D </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yeah, make a FAQ for AI at the top of the page. AND GIVE US A FREAKIN' STORE!

    <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" /> <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />
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    Troll: someone who intentionally says something inflammatory to arouse the ire of the AI'ers.

    FUD: Fear, uncertainty and discontent (I've also heard doubt). Something that scott_h(now with a phd) spreads on a constant basis. It's the foretelling of doom and failure for Apple. Also, trying to make others uncertain in their faith (Apple is a religion, after all).

    CLI: command line interface. A heretofore scorned interface, often associated with DOS. In OS X, we've got a CLI, but it's much more powerful and useful one than the one that DOS has/had.

    C and H: carracho and hotline, respectively. Favorite peer-to-peer programs used for many purposes, from innocent (sharing illustrations, chatting) to illicit (porn) to illegal (pirating software).

    All your base are belong to us: A terrible net-ism that transformed itself into many different expressions. My favorite, and one that is still around on the MacNN boards, at least, is KidRed's "All your PCs are belong to the trash."

    RTFM: Read The f'ing Manual.

    That's all for now.

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    hey, someone codes the FAQ to look like the other supplementary pages (IRC, Guidelines), I'll throw it up onto the top of the page.

    PS: there is a contingency plan for another blackout.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Jonathan:

    <strong>there is a contingency plan for another blackout.


    we all go to hooters and get drunk?

    cut me out, i would rather go see Rochle Rochle

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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member

    I'll do the coding ASAIGAC (As Soon As I Get A Chance) and I'll give you a holler when it's all that okay? After all, I owe it to this silly board after all these years.

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Cool, Drew! You're the man.

    Would be cool if this was something set up that could be added to (or taken away from) as things came up.

    Maybe once a month or so, it could be updated/tweaked as needed (as people add things)?

    And can you do them in alphabetical order? Or at least grouped in some logical fashion (the ones about members here, the ones about Apple, etc.) just so it's not a long, random and hard-to-digest list?


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