How to secure AirDrop on your iPhone to prevent unwanted photos on the subway



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    velociveloci Posts: 10member
    veloci said:
    On iOS 11 you can still access air drop settings via control centre, requires 3D Touch. Press on the Bluetooth icon to activate 3D Touch. A new screen opens with screen where you can access the airdrop settings. 
    True enough - and I appreciate the addition.

    However, not every device that supports iOS 11 has Force Touch. This solution is universal.
    That did cross my mind as I wrote the comment. But I still posted it 🤷🏽‍♂️
    Just for me 😁 lf I had a non force touch phone it would be an annoying step back. Can you think of any other features that will suffer with the deeper integration of Force Touch in iOS 11. 
    Here is one example. For the full experience of the torch light in control centre you need Force Touch to control the brightness.
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    AppleInsider has reached out to local law enforcement for what they suggest. Fairfax County Police in the Washington D.C. area suggests that users turn off the feature when not in use. Should a picture be received while the feature is on, we were told that users should report any details about the time, date, and location to law enforcement as quickly as possible.

    Some advice about getting unsolicited images through AirDrop is to not delete them. Rather, one security consultant suggests that users in receipt of such images save the picture, and report it to police -- however, identifying the sender might prove problematic, depending on the focus of the image and details shared about user names in AirDrop.
    Unless the content is illegal (which in most places of the US requires a serious breach of sensibility) then why would the police get involved? What law(s) would have been broken? It seems to be a waste of their time and taxpayer money. Do they need to be called because someone looks at you in an unwanted manner?
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    I just airdropped this story to a bunch of unsuspecting folks
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    lennlenn Posts: 36member
    Just what the police need to be doing with their time. Chasing some pimple faced teen that sent a d*ck pic.  lol
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