SquareTrade iPhone X drop-test video disagrees with iFixit's repairability assessment



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    ben20 said:
    Over the years I found out that Otterbox protects really well in harsh environments (kids, sports) while for daily use I stick to Apple silicone case. For me, they prevent dropping the phone since they are so sticky. There is a difference in the quality between silicone cases and Apple is by far the most expensive and well worth it to me.
    I too am an Otterbox fan although with the nature of my job I might switch to Lifeproof because it’s better water resistance. Otterbox is however much better than Lifeproof for those who need bash proofing.
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,394member
    I’ve had iPhones 4, 5 & 5s and only ever broken one screen, and never had a case. Only reason I broke the one is because I had been out with friends drinking & did something dumb. Once getting out of an F150 on a rainy day the 5 was on my lap. It fell into the wet parking lot face first. I didn’t even realize it and only realized it when I got back to the truck ~30min. I thought for sure the thing was screwed, but it was totally fine. I don’t even think I had a screen protector on it at that point. In my experience iPhones are pretty tough despite what all these scary stories say.
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    How about just be a smarter consumer and buy almost any kind of case for the phone? I’ve always purchased a case, have managed to drop multiple phones repeatedly and have not cracked a single screen yet.

    Bingo!  I've never had an iPhone without a case on it, and I've never broken one, despite having dropped each onto various hard surfaces several times.

    However, the statistics on breakage do serve a purpose.  They sell insurance.  Whether you think that's a good thing or not is not something I care to discuss. ;)

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    I have cracked the back of an iPhone 4 once just days after I got it in 2010. My only accident in 10 years.

    But wow at the damage control here. I am an Apple fan but not a fanboy. Being the latter means Apple is NEVER guilty of anything.
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