China adds to government pressure on Apple over iPhone slowdowns



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    So, Apple can just send them a copy of their explanation and reasoning that was published weeks ago. What else are they supposed to provide? The crux of all these ‘investigations’ is to try and brand Apple with malicious, intentional planned obsolescence. How do they plan to prove that? Experts have already stated Apple’s solution is acceptable and only criticized Apple for not being more transparent about it. As for those asshats claiming they have the right to choose whether their phones just randomly shut down or whether to slow things down to prevent said shutdowns, what kind of “choice” is that? That kind of “choice” is stupid, just like the asshats who want to be able to install whatever kind of crap they want to and use it to justify jailbreaking.
    There is a big difference between not being more transparent like you claim and what Apple actually did:  hiding the throttling from the customer until some clever guy came with the prove.  The former is a small communication issue, the latter could be interpreted as intentional. 

    Every customer with a a slow iPhone  who bought a new iPhone but who was not given the option to replace the battery, was mislead by Apple.   The fact that a lot of Apple Stores guided these customers to buy a new iPhone did not help to contradict the possible intentional character.

    The throttling itself is not the issue, the secrecy about it is. 
    Sorry to ruin your conspiracy theory.   But, Apple manages every facet of their products even after the sale in order to insure the best customer experience with them.   And, it quite obviously works.  At the same time, Apple keeps it simple by simply producing and managing products that "just work" without long winded explanations -- or any explanation. 
    ... Deal with it.  Or, buy an Android...  But go away with your conspiracy theories...
    If the CPU throttling insures the best customer experience, please, you are more then welcome come using my iPhone 6, which is BARELY USABLE and frequently UNUSABLE  due to this update! User experience at its best.... NOT.
    LOL..  I AM using an iPhone 6 (Plus) and have been since I bought it on the first day of its availability.

    It's a little slow.  But nothing that I would not expect from any electronic product that was entering obsolescence.    

    If you're having so much trouble, either breakdown and spend the $29.  Or buy a Samsung and hope it does't explode.   But quit you're whining...
    I am happy for you that your IPhone 6 Plus is working fine. It depends on the battery usage and extreme temperature fluctuations really. But this is not about the people who were NOT affected, it’s about the people who WERE affected. And it’s not about the $29 battery either, it’s about the unexpected performance slowdown for IPhone 6 and all other Iphones following it. $29 battery solution is only going to be available for ten months. What happens after that when the current latest Iphones start slowing down too ??
    "What happens after that when the current latest Iphones start slowing down too ??"

    You are either (continuing to) spout a conspiracy theory.  Or, you are complaining about the normal slow down of older equipment while running newer, more demanding software.

    Neither argument has any substance...
    Of course it has substance. Saying it doesn't make it so. Speaking of conspiracy theory, Apple should have expected this will feed into conspiracy theories and preempted it. Really boneheaded, or arrogant of them to not see this becoming a problem. Let alone addressing the root cause of why those unexpected shutdowns happened all of a sudden (pun intended), and not see a design problem between the CPU and the battery after the battery degrades. It is clear Apple tried to fix via software a basic design problem (CPU power draw vs. battery degradation over time).
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