Mark Zuckerberg was ready to pounce on Apple's data practices at Senate hearing



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    anton zuykovanton zuykov Posts: 1,039member
    horvatic said:
    Apple has the best data practices of any company when it comes to privacy. He could lie a lot and put himself into even more hot water but that's about it. Apple did not fight the FBI on encryption for no reason. And even today will not make any back doors period. When I buy something from Apple I do not get commercials popping up everywhere about products unlike anywhere else.
    The problem is - if Zuck did not have facts to back up his assertions about Apple, saying something about Apple during that hearing could easily bring him a defamation lawsuit.
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    hexclockhexclock Posts: 573member
    From what I understand, the government wants more security for platforms like FB and LESS security on iPhones. Can’t have it both ways boys!
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    I see some severe thread pruning coming....
    a few comments are far too politically demeaning and off-topic. Some posters would benefit from revisiting forum rules.
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    Dear Fellow Apple Insider Readers:

    I enjoy your comments on a daily basis.
    Most are well thought out - A far cry from the 4-8th grade level articles written by the Professional Correspondents for the masses.

    I am retired, over 70, and have been an Apple User, Investor and supporter since prior to 1984.  All companies have their daily difficulties - Apple has overcome the most overwhelming odds.

    Most people cannot remember their trials and tribulations.  From almost Bankrupt and unable to buy parts to where they are today.  Today they cannot buy enough of the Best Parts and they essentially have all the cash ($).  

    So what do they do?  They design and build the best as fast as they can produce with the quantities they can get.  In the earlier days they were at the mercy of their cash on hand or loans available; now they have the cash and cannot get enough of the latest available components, but they have the cash.   So now they aid manufacturers with $'s to get the best production facilities possible.  They design very great chips.  Have their own design facilities, etc.  They are really on a roll.  Security is one of their best features.  Maybe not the best display or the best speakers, because no one can supply the quantities they need.  Logistically speaking, Tim Cook and Men are Solving that in a very logical manner.  It will not be long and Chinese & others will not be able to steal Intellectual Property.

    As an "Older" user , I can appreciate their determination to provide a World Class Product with the best Security at a price point they need to keep rolling.  I am willing to be rewarded later for with my new computer and investments.  Wall Street wants to be gratified now because their bonuses are dependent upon churning stocks.  I also have MS, Intel, and others like you might.

    No reason to make fun of any of their competitors. They are more successful than I.  I ride their coat-tails: rise or fall and it does not matter at my age.

    But Apple and Facebook have different objectives entirely - no similarity at all.  Most of Apple's General Purpose Applications can be access via an Internet Browser.  I run them natively on my Macs, Phones, etc.  My Wife's Old Windows Notebook that I took away from her years ago remains hidden in a closet in a book sack.  Now she does not have any real problems with software and OS.

    Facebook runs on all platforms and is in my single opinion as Evil as it Comes -  Almost a Satan hiding in Zuckerberg's Body.  Zuck's  intentions are completely diametric to those of Apple His company & Apple are like North and South Poles on a magnet.  Apple provides products with security in mind.  Facebook, Zuckerberg,  provides a software experience that is apparently Free. FB has been as Devious as Satan.  They still are.  Zuck's intent is to connect the world with everyone via the information he has gleaned or tricked his users into providing, via deception and Changes to the User Agreement.  There is No Free Lunch in this World.  He is an Arrogant Parasite feasting off of the lack of understanding of his users.  Most people do not understand FB or Twitter, etc. - They just use it "freely" - a gift of Zuck the Devil, aka Facebook.

    Zuckerberg has succeeded in his intention, but he has been caught.  Congress is a "1 Trick Pony".  The intention of most in Congress is to not represent the people of the Republic, but to stay in office as long as they are able and then leave after their "pockets & corporations" have been sufficiently greased by others.

    I urge you to contact your Elected Officials every time something happens that you like or dislike - They listen to the people who are needed to put them back in office. They are always promising that "we are working on that idea, but nothing will happen until the next term after we are re-elected".

    Vote them in or out as you see fit. Even the local officials.  Read between the lines.  If you are not really knowledgeable, try to become more active in learning - not Picketing or Sign Waving.  Knowledge is true power.

    Congress Fool Me - Do Something This Term !

    Zuck you are a Arrogant, Rich, Joke.  

    randominternetpersonwatto_cobraanton zuykovcornchip
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