Video: Changes to the MacBook Pro we want Apple to make



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    cgWerks said:
    DuhSesame said:
    I think that's because most of us got used to keyboard shortcuts and not likely going to change anytime soon.  But most importantly, the author shows it can be still helpful without challenging the traditional way.  If Apple can optimized to be used in this way, then I'm sure it will be less of a "gimmick" as some tech media complained about.

    And yes, the volume button design sucks.
    The good news is that it's software (so long as you don't hate the bar being there, physically), so they can improve it over time. I think the bigger question is whether this is something that will get carried across the product lineup, or a (somewhat) failed experiment on the MBP. I suppose eventually people would get used to no function keys and come up with alternatives to esc. It's just more a question of whether this is really useful/better enough in some way to keep and expand it.
    I don't see Apple made any changes to the Touch Bar yet.  At least, we can use the Better Touch Tool.  Wonder if it's better to just let user to customize it all along.
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