Huawei trolls Apple by handing out power banks to customers waiting in line for an iPhone ...



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    CyborgKungFuCyborgKungFu Posts: 3unconfirmed, member
    zoetmb said:
    Weill Huawei just provided the only sensible reason to wait on line for an iPhone.   Otherwise, I think people who hang out in long lines for hours when they could wait a few weeks or order online is simply nuts.    But I'm glad to see that this incredible time (and money) waster is not limited to stupid Americans.    Anyone who gets so off on having a new phone on the first day of release has some serious problems IMO.  

    Personally, I just had Apple replace the battery ($29) on my iPhone6 and they also must have cleaned out the Lightning jack because it's once again working great now.  I expect the new phones to be quite nice, but rather than spending $1000, I'll keep the 6 for another year.    Maybe next year will be more than incremental changes.  

    I understand your point about incremental upgrades but the upgrades are only incremental when you compare them to last year’s phone. Your phone is 4 years older, upgrading now or next year will feel like an entirely new phone. 
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