How to turn the iOS 12 keyboard into a trackpad on any iPhone or iPad



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    Very cool.
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    I found another related tip, hidden jewelry? Anyway. Press space bar, the keyboard becomes touch pad. Use another finger to tap on the pad. Now you can move around and make a selection. No more need to drag the pin cursor, so hard to focus!
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    I have an iPhone 6. The long press to activate trackpad works fine, and I can scroll around, but the selection of words etc. doesn't work. I tried using a second finger in trackpad mode to start selecting text; it sometimes activate the selection cursor, but it is not reliable and inconsistent, and does not work more often than not. I cannot successfully double press since lifting the finger off the space bar disables trackpad mode immediately.

    Edit: After playing around a bit more, it seems that the second finger does not perform the selection.
    What I did was to long press on the space bar, then after the keypad has turned into the trackpad, double tap using a second finger and hold it in place on the trackpad area. The original finger on the space bar then becomes the selection cursor to highlight the text to be selected. I couldn't get the word and paragraph selection to work though.
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    I really hope the lack of 3D Touch on the XR isn't how Apple proposes to go with the premium phones.

    From clearing/ expanding notifications, to precision-placing of the cursor, 3D Touch is second nature for me.

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    Wow, that’s awesome, that’s fantastic, that’s ... - I just didn’t know. I always wondered why Apple hasn‘t integrated something like that to easier position the cursor and - surprise! -it‘s already there!
    if they only tell‘em ...

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