How to upgrade the RAM on the new 2018 Mac mini



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    cgWerks said:
    I just went through the process and took my 2018 Mac mini from 8GB RAM to 32GB RAM.  This is so easy.  Can you watch a video?  Can you use a screwdriver?  Can you follow basic instructions?  If you answer yes to theses three things, then do this on your own.  Anyone thinking it is too hard, or too complicated probably has a hard time putting a car in reverse, or scrambling eggs.  Yes there are people like that and if you're one of them, then certainly buy the amount of RAM you need up front.  But for the 99 percent of humanity that has most of their marbles, do this yourself.
    I've watched the videos... and am pretty good at putting a car in reverse, scrambling eggs... and have even built hundreds of PC and servers over the years. While I'm certain I could do it, it doesn't look THAT easy. :)
    OK, it is more complicated than scrambling an egg, but that was not the point.  It is more involved that scrambling an egg, but it really is not any harder.  However, the iFixit video covers one important fact when disconnecting the cables.  Be careful to pull up on the cable and don't hook a tool under the connector or you pull it out of the circuit board.  One other item that I've not seen anyone cover, the rubber bumpers for the RAM clips come off easily.  There are little ridges or ribs on the inside of the rubber bumpers that attach to little slots along the top of each clip where the rubber bumpers slide on and stay in place.  Those slots are not for the RAM chips. The chips just click in with a little pressure.  As I said, a little more involved but if you can put together IKEA furniture, you can handle this.
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