Review: Apple's 11-inch iPad Pro is stunningly powerful, with a few key limitations



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    wisey said:

    The distance that you have to upswipe on an iPad Pro to show the parade of open apps is considerably longer than on the iPhone X’s.  

    The app switcher gestures are manifold, and like we’ve been discussing in this thread, it it best to use an iPad while flat on the table as this is the easiest way to do touchscreen UI manipulation on an iPhone. The app switching UI is responsive to your finger(s) mid-swipe and you can do some experimentation on it. The iPad is sensitive to both swiping direction and swiping velocity.

    1. With 4 fingers, simultaneously touch the glass or display. It doesn’t have to start from the bottom, it can be in the middle or even near the top.

    1a. With 4 fingers, swiping left-to-right to switch to the previously used app. If you are with-in the app switching timer, you can both swipe left-to-right and right-to-left to move back and forth on recently used apps list. After the timer times out, a new recent apps order is set and swiping right to left would only rubber-band. Swiping in a downward direction while going left-to-right will make this easier as it won’t confuse it with other app switching modes.

    1b. With 4 fingers, quickly swipe straight up and lift your fingers off the glass, and it’ll go to the home screen. The speed doesn’t matter much actually. What you are looking for is the last used app and the current app. If the current app display rectangle continues to shrink to postage stamp size, that means you’ve told the iPad to go to the home screen. The last used app will fly in, but you can keep on going up and it’ll fly away, and you’ve told the iPad you want to go to the home screen.

    1c. With 4 fingers, swipe up (doesn’t have to be straight) and look for the last used app to fly in from the left. When it flies in and is right next to the current app, that means you’ve told the app switcher to go into the app carousel (or parade of apps), like the double click of the home button did. You can swipe up like half an inch and if the last used app flies in right next to the current app, that means you’ve told the iPad to go to display the card-like display of apps.

    With 1 finger, all the above can be done, except that you must start your swipe on the bottom edge. Same straight up goes to home. Same switching the recently used apps lists carousel, same going to the app switching UI.

    Edit: I forgot to add that with 1 finger, swiping up from the bottom for about an inch distance brings up the dock. Keep on going though, you can do all of the above.

    Then, the magic really happens when you use two hands. You can select an object like an app or image or file with finger, then with the other hand, start switching apps per above.

    wisey said:

    I also don’t like the fact that Apple does not allow the split keyboard in the iPad Pro 11” like they do on the iPad Pro 9.7”.  

    Is the Split Keyboard setting in Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Split Keyboard enabled? Is it there?

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