Qualcomm urging Chinese courts to extend sales ban to iPhone XS & XR



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    carnegie said:
    Can someone who has an iPhone still running iOS 11 confirm something for me?

    If you do the short swipe up from the bottom while you are in an app, to get to the the multi-card view that shows recently used apps that you can scroll through horizontally, does the card for the app you were originally in appear in full in the center of the screen? Or does only part of it show, on the right side of the screen?

    This is important for one of the patent claims at issue.
    The card for the current app appears on the right mostly off screen. About one quarter to one third of the card is visible on the screen. iPhone X with iOS 11.4.1.
    Okay, thanks.

    That’s how it behaves in the iOS 12 version that my iPhone is running. I wonder if Apple had already designed around the claim I’m looking at by iOS 11.4.1. Or has it still not done so? I can’t figure out what else could have changed such that iOS 12 would be okay while iOS 11 wasn’t.

    If anyone is still running an older version of iOS 11, can you check the function I asked about?

    The other issue relates to setting wallpapers. I’d like to check that functioning in iOS 11 also, but that would require a little more involved explanation.
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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 5,007administrator
    Usual Reuter’s trying to paint pictures based on any facts they can try and twist against American tech conoanies
    You are not contributing anything of value to the threads that you post this and related remarks in. Do not persist. You won't be warned again.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 21,302member
    jdgaz said:
    I guess I am a bit confused. These so called patents "relate to photo editing and managing apps with a touchscreen.". I just find it hard to believe that anyone other than apple would own rights to managing apps with a touchscreen. As for photo editing I just can't even recall Qualcomm ever being in that area.
    This is more evidence of the problem with silly patents for ideas in computing, rather than actual implementations (code), which are already protected via copyright. I doubt Apple’s implementation uses stolen code, even if it has similar ideas such as pinch/zoom or whatever. 
    There's still hope that something may happen next year regarding 101 patent reform. Yesterday there were rather secretive closed door meetings between a couple of Senators intent on crafting patent eligibility legislation to be introduced next year, and Apple, Amazon, Google and Qualcomm to name a few techs along with reps from big pharma and the Bio industry. 
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    rcfa said:
    Apple should just make a hostile takeover of Qualcomm, fire the entire management without golden parachutes, sell off the assets, hire key personnel, and liquidate the rest.

    That would give the kind of signal that would stop this sort of nonsense.
    Why? Too expensive funancially and pr wise... it is better to wait it out. With that behavior, Q will be belly up in no time.
    Agree that QCOM is overvalued. Current market cap at around $70B, even if Apple fails in recovering the $1B in dispute, the net value change is 1/70 = 1.4%. Easily within a day's trading range.
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    Qualcomm is fighting this battle in China because they know China’s legal system is a farce. The Chinese government can destroy Apple by banning all iPhone models. Qualcomm will continue to supply chips to the Chinese Android makers. Short term win for Qualcomm until ... China copies Qualcomm’s IP and puts them out of business too. It’s called China 2025, and we will all be using China branded phones in a few years. Thank you Qualcomm, almost as bad as Google supplying China with their iOS knock-off, Android.
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