Apple services & Apple Card 'too late to the game,' HSBC downgrades stock



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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 3,306member
    According to the NY Post Apple paid over $485M for Texture. Assuming they had less than 200k subs (which is what the NY Times reported) that would mean Apple paid at 20x multiple for a magazine app. Crazy.
    Apple Music had 200K subs at one time. You’re really triggered by this services stuff. O_o
    Nah I just think Apple was a more exciting company when it was focused on great products. Now the Apple news app is spamming users with ads for Apple News + after every news section. I’m sure it won’t be long before the wallet app has ads for Apple Card. Sigh.

    God, who cares? They already had ads in News, now they're just Apple's because they have a new thing. Big deal.
    I never saw an ad in the news app prior to this. And if this was anyone else I highly doubt AI posters would be saying big deal.
    Then you weren’t paying attention. They’ve been serving ads through Google DoubleClick, in the same spot their own ads are now.

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    Charles DyeCharles Dye Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    The exact same criticism was leveled at the...

    - iPhone
    - iPad

    And clearly those critics were spot on. 

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    1st1st Posts: 394member
    hmm, interesting.  does HSBC forecast correctly of their own stock price?  As for too late - it  depends, if Apple card provide exactly same service as other cards, might be.  But if it is unique service, it has no bench mark as time scale, not mention "too late".  As for Apple service, the App store may not got too much new this year, but with 5G near turn of the corner, just App store alone will be sizable... I wouldn't worry too much from their evaluation (however, I do keep my eyes open on Apple's annual report and director's resume... and calculate rev per head, and cash... hopefully, got few more coins drop to my pocket as dividends in 2020  or 2021.  understandablely, they might need money for 5G stream this year).  as for HSBC - zzzzz.  
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