Editorial: Apple just told you that they aren't going to make an 'iPhone SE 2' any time so...



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     The SE isn’t coming back until there is a compelling reason for it to return. A few have stated that Apple has dictated “bigger is better.” That’s simply not the case - the market dictates this, and it started with Apple’s competitors releasing large screen upscale phones in an attempt to switch users away from the smaller iPhones in production at the time. When Apple released the larger sizes, they were huge sellers and many Android users who had switched strictly for screen size switched back.

    Since then, bigger has been better across the entire industry . While the SE was beloved by a small following, most reports indicate it wasn’t a big seller while it was in production. If there was a huge market for an SE style phone, Android competitors would be plentiful - but they aren’t.

    Maybe we’ll get a 5” iPhone in the future in a smaller chassis than an iPhone 11, but I doubt it will resemble the SE.
    Ever consider the larger screen Apple Watch with cellular and paired with AirPods? Only half joking. 
    Cut the tether on the watch (it's overdue based on Apples other tethered products) and that would suit me just fine. iPad for when I need screen.
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    Apple has determined that packaging and selling an iPhone SE 2 doesn't make sense.  All this means is that someone else is going to make a small form-factor phone with a modern processor first.

    The most offensive part of the iPhone 8 as compared to the iPhone SE isn't the weight.  Any of these devices is strikingly light, and adding heft gives a feeling of quality and substantialness.  The problem is the width of the device in the hand, and the iPhone 8 is 15% wider than the iPhone SE.  That's a lot.

    Some day, someone will make a 2.3" wide premium smartphone, and it won't be Apple.  And it will sell to a significant number of users who have been frustrated by the hegemony of phablet phones for the past 4 years, who will hand over serious cash for one.  Apple will then have to decide if it wants to compete in that segment, or leave it alone.  All we know for now is that Apple won't be the leader in that space; someone else will.
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    I thought people these days were arguing "thinner is a sin", well, they got what they wanted.
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