Apple's macOS Catalina 10.15.2 update fixes Mail, Photos bugs



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    There's a couple of significant fixes that the community should be aware of, which Apple failed to document publicly:

    • Resolves a kernel panic that occurs on T2 Macs during videoconferencing sessions.
    • Resolves an issue where data loss can occur on T2 Macs while applying a firmware update.

    Background on the second one: a small percentage of people with T2 Macs were experiencing data loss after applying the firmware update.  This was reported on some blogs run by Mac admins, mostly in business.  What happened was that their computer appeared to be "off" for a while, but the T2 was quite busy updating itself.  Thinking that their computer was unresponsive or just powered off, users would hold the power button and try to reboot the system.  Interrupting this process would DESTROY the encryption keys, rendering the volume unbootable and the data totally inaccessible, even in Recovery mode.  This could bite you even if you never enabled FileVault in the first place.  At work, we received escalations for about half a dozen incidents on MacBooks, a few Mac Minis and even one iMac Pro.

    We've been told by Apple that the fix is included in both MacOS 10.15.2 as well as the Security updates for Mojave and High Sierra.
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    Fatman said:
    Hey AppleInsider - I realize this may take a lot of time to manage - but with all of the responses to this article, many pointing out ‘issues’, it would help to keep a list of top gripes with software that can be voted on to fix/improve. This could also get the attention of Apple to prioritize.
    We do keep a running list with sources running far beyond the forums. Very, very few have more than one or two complaints.
    Maybe they got fed up and downgraded(?)

    Sorry, pulling your leg there...
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    Anyone know where I can download just the Safari 13.0.4 Security update for Mojave 10.14.6?
    I thought I would find that here:

    But alas, only version 5.1.10 and, get this: 1.2 Yup, from Feb 2, 2004
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    qookhoo said:
    Hi, anyone encountered the Catalina fried MacBook 12” (2015) video card?
    Not on my 12" from 2016....

    Pop into a Store, or get online help from Apple.
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    razorpitrazorpit Posts: 1,796member
    It is really sad that a very basic problem of sleep not working at all for 2012 Mac Mini with clean install is still not fixed. Worked with every other OS released since 2012. Never a problem. Now it does not even attempt sleep. And others have reported it also. Apple is supposed to be a "green" company yet sleep is consistently screwed up with every new OS release. For 10.14 my iMac 2015 was screwed up. This time it is Mac Mini. I have had far better luck with Windows and power management. Apple must do very little testing or not attempt to fix what problems are found. They just do not find power management to be a priority. Yet complain about global warming. They are a part of it.
    Hyperbole much? Macs consume some of the least power of any popular computer. Sorry you’re having trouble with yours, but after decades of Windows I can assure you Mac power management is superior. Case in point, I have a brand new Dell notebook at work, and if I close its lid and toss it in my bag, it will be stone dead within hours. I even tried it by issuing the Sleep shutdown command with similar results. Meanwhile, my MBP can sleep for weeks, and my iMac consumes 1w when it sleeps on a nightly schedule. 
    LOL, when I had a Dell for work in 2010 I can't tell you how many times I opened my bag to find a hot bag and a dead laptop.
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    10.15.2 brought some welcome improvements to Music and TV for me.

    But, alas, no fix for the sleep kernel panic when a RAID drive is attached via Thunderbolt that was introduced in 10.15.1.
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    llamallama Posts: 102member
    I guess people aren't clamoring for Combo installers any more? :)
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    System Volume Screen Icon that pops up doesn't display adjustment only displays gradient change intermittently 

    Haven't sorted out the when it is happening but when it does .

    All of these change the volume with out visual display  

    - Bluetooth Keyboard volume buttons
    - Wired Key board volume buttons
    - Touch Bar volume slider 

    Only way to visualize volume is via top bar screen system icon 

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    10.15.2 Catalina Screen Picture Log In keeps intermediately showing up requiring Log in with User Name & Password . 

    - If I restart from above state only password or fingerprint id on Touch Bar required 

    - there is only single administrative log in User , 

    - Cant seem to sort out when it occurs

    Some times after restart

    After Screen Saver before Sleep or During sleep 10.15.2 Catalina Screen Picture Log In ?

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    I'm just curious... This article was written 12/10. It's 10/16, and I am not seeing an update to 10.15.2 with my iMac (5K, 27-inch, 2017). Is the update actually out or is my Mac too old? Thanks.
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    My issue with Catalina is that the column layout in MAIL is now fixed, whereas in previous versions it was flexible.  You used to be able to choose which columns you wanted, how wide they were and what order they were in.

    Now it's a case of the Apple developers THINK they know best - but they've got it WRONG.

    I need to be able to see both 'TO' and 'FROM' in column mode because a folder will contain conversations with various people both sending and receiving messages.

    How LOUD do I have to shout to get Apple to give us back the flexibility of the previous version??  
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    tiger2 said:
    Remote still not working for me. Updated macOS and iPad OS. It shows my library and all the playlists, albums, etc, but nothing works. Click on Now Playing and it says Not Playing.  But, it is playing on my iMac. 

    Add me to the list of very long time Mac users who are increasingly frustrated with software issues. When I attempted to update to 10.14.6 my iMac would not reboot. Finally got it going using a backup. Updated to 10.15.1 and same problem. 

    had the same issue as you with library showing, but unable to select anything. I deleted the remote app from my ipad mini and attempted to reload. Shock, the new app is not compatible with my ipad mini. The only reason for purchasing the ipad mini was to control the music on my Mac mini. I loaded the new app on my iPad and it works as before. 

    Come on Apple, making folks buy new hardware is not cool.
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    Warning: Apple mail is better in 10.15.2 but still broken. Do not update if you use outlook servers, have multiple mail accounts, or are a heavy email user.
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