Epic calls Apple's 'Fortnite' & developer tool block 'overbroad retaliation'



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    I hope Apple loses, as it is stifling competition. Why is it that apps that offer physical goods are treated differently than those that offer virtual goods? Also, how is Apple entitled to 30 percent revenue of billions of dollars of virtual good revenue, when it doesn’t cost nearly that much to run the App Store and offer the services that it does ? Also, why is it that some apps are restricted from being able to even a mention an alternative payment system? Seems draconian. 

    I’m not advocating For an end result that leads to alternative app stores in iOS. But at minimum I think there should be competition in regards to in App payments. Apple shouldn’t be the sole supplier. I’m sure if competition opened up, costs would come down for consumers. 
    Do you have a business of your own?  Can I have your customer list please?  For free of course. I have a competing service I’d like to sell them and I don’t want to have to find my own customers for myself. Thanks for your help!
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