Viral AirTag discovery behind license plate likely staged



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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,899administrator
    carnegie said:
    This could have been staged, under the circumstances I wouldn't argue that it wasn't. But some of these things don't seem suspicious to me.

    First, she indicates that she didn't go file a report with the police. So it makes sense that they wouldn't have a searchable report. Second, you can get the last 4 digits of the phone number a found AirTag is linked to even if it isn't in lost mode and the owner hasn't shared their whole phone number. (Using NFC you can get a link that leads to a page that looks like the second image on this page.) Third, I don't think she - in addition to her friend - would have gotten an alert about an unknown AirTag if she had bluetooth turned off on her iPhone. I'm not sure how common it is, but some people I know routinely have bluetooth turned off on their iPhones. And her friend might have just gotten the alert shortly before she would have. (Maybe her friend was traveling with her the whole time? That isn't clear.)

    Anyway, maybe this is legit. Or, of course, maybe it isn't.
    Considering her Instagram has loads of pictures with AirPods in her ears, I suspect her Bluetooth is on all the time.
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    Ashley said in her video that the AirTag supplied her with a partial phone number, which is questionable.

    "And their phone number -- uh, I mean, the last 4 digits"

    Given that AirTag owners select what information to display when an AirTag is scanned, it seems improbable that a stalker would tell Apple's iCloud that displaying this information would be acceptable, nor would it be useful in the case of an actual lost AirTag.
    This seems the most genuine bit of the whole story. In testing with mine, if I didn’t mark it as lost, scanning it with an Android phone took me to an Apple website that did show the last four digits of my phone number.
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    lkrupp said:
    So what’s the angle here? Fifteen minutes of fame (remember Tawana Brawley) or the hope of getting money out of Apple?
    It's not that hard to figure out. If you're on social media and produce "viral content" for living, it's about gaining enough followers or subscribers that you can do it for a living. Shenanigans with recent Apple products are par for the course.
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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    I study gender dynamics/biology/psychology pretty hardcore. Daily for nearly 2 years and own several books etc. etc.

    The hashtag she added #sextrafficking is a huge huge HUGE red flag of validation and lying. As she ages, less guys want her washed up a**. So she uses this self-delusion for validation and sexual approval. She’s trying to fool (subconsciously most likely) males into thinking she’s highly valued and worth a lot.

    What pisses me off is the ending of her rant. She says she won’t deal with the police and will contact Apple instead and explain what happened. I hate this new Apple era where they are now the police and people see them as the police. I want Apple to be a tech company working on great products not a social servant trying to fix user’s personal issues.

    Anyways, in short this is a “look at how much guys want me!” piece. 
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