Apple's new $19 Polishing Cloth is already sold out

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Demand for Apple's new Polishing Cloth -- a $19 piece of white fabric -- is through the roof, with delivery estimates for orders placed today pushed out to late November.

Apple Polishing Cloth

Quietly introduced to the online Apple Store on Monday following Apple's Unleashed hardware event, the creatively named Polishing Cloth is a simple square of fabric with an Apple logo that sells for $19. While the product initially showed near immediate availability, orders placed today are currently expected to arrive between Nov. 18 and Nov. 24.

Made from a "soft, nonabrasive material," Apple says the cloth is ideal for wiping down the nano-texture glass of its Pro Display XDR, a device that demands a fastidious cleaning regimen.

Though not confirmed, the standalone Polishing Cloth now offered through the Apple Store appears to be the same accessory that ships with the $6,000 display, as well as iMacs that come configured with the screen option. Apple in a support document says users should "never use any other cloths to clean the nano-texture glass" of Pro Display XDR or iMac, lest the specially textured glass suffer damage.

Previously, users looking for replacement cloths had to contact Apple Support.

Along with Pro Display XDR, the Polishing Cloth can also be used to clean any Apple display, including screens attached to nearly every portable device in the company's lineup, according to its product page.

Some have scoffed at Apple's pricing for what looks to be a standard microfiber cloth, but it is apparent that customers don't mind spending the extra coin to keep their investment clean and free of damage.

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    In the words of Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik - "OHHHHH GIMMIE A BIG FAT BREAK!!!!!"
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    mknelsonmknelson Posts: 1,094member
    It's been pretty funny reading some of the coverage from yesterday by people who have no Apple knowledge.

    I've felt the nano-texture cloth - it's feels different from a standard microfibre cloth.

    Also funny - the guy that was bitching about HDMI 2.0 vs 2.1 and explaining how real Apple users would only connect the Pro Display XDR and not an AppleTV…

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    Can you buy a Apple Care for the cloth?
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    This article is fake? lol Why there is no Apple logo on the cloth?
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    I see the logo! lol
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    Clone cloth companies coming quickly.
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    F_Kent_DF_Kent_D Posts: 98unconfirmed, member
    iOS_Guy80 said:
    Can you buy a Apple Care for the cloth?
    AppleCare for Apple Cloth is $29 or $2.99/month for 18 months, you decide. 
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,760member
    I was looking for a good microfiber cloth to get anyway. Yeah, this one is twice as much as the one I chose. But, fuck it. Dec. 3 - Dec. 16 delivery for me. 
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    mobirdmobird Posts: 746member
    I wonder if there will be any "Today at Apple" sessions held? /jk
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 868member
    Here is something that's FUNNY (to me, at least).  I told this guy over at macrumours:
    He said:
    I'm glad you pointed that out. I need your help though. The past five minutes I've been trying to touch the MacBook Pro screen and use the pencil on it. It doesn't work... maybe I got a lemon? How are touch gestures and pencil working out for you on a MacBook?
    I replied:
    Dude serious? You can't see that an iPad Pro 12.9" and a MacBook Pro 16", "combined" is everything one could ever want? Especially when Universal Control (finally) get's here?

    That's gonna be insane, FOR LIFE!! Here is the one thing, if you work with Images and Videos, you need ONE Screen that does NOT HAVE "smudges", "fingerprints", "droplets", "streaks", etc on that screen. You need a NO TOUCH screen and one Touch Screen...

    I honestly don't get how people don't understand "graphic, photo and video, design." but yet they all SCREAM:

    I want PRO, I want PRO!

    A touch screen MacBook Pro, is by definition NOT PRO... it's an oxymoron!
    My LOGIC still remains IMHO.  You don't go touching a damn $6000 monitor and getting finger prints on the MFer!  And it's why you don't go touching the screen at all (unless built for touching)... if you wanna touch something, buy an iPad or iPhone!

    In summary "They make $20 special cloths to clean these damn things!!"

    Alright I'll stop LOL
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    I ordered one... just because I could. I had enough money in my Apple Cash card from my Apple Card cash backs. So it was free. I will post a full review when it arrives, with an unboxing video. o:)
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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,072member
    Will there be discounts at Black Friday sales? It will be a great stocking filler for my extended family.
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    JFC_PAJFC_PA Posts: 924member
    To protect a six thousand dollar monitor (what it is specifically for)? Seems rather inexpensive insurance. 
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,760member
    entropys said:
    Will there be discounts at Black Friday sales? It will be a great stocking filler for my extended family.
    My crystal ball says “no”. Products with a 2 month wait list generally don’t get discounts. 😎
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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 3,500member
    F_Kent_D said:
    iOS_Guy80 said:
    Can you buy a Apple Care for the cloth?
    AppleCare for Apple Cloth is $29 or $2.99/month for 18 months, you decide. 
    You are still limited to two repair incidents per year on the cloth.
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    I still have the cloth that came with the original iPhone, are there any trade in discounts? 
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    Ridiculous item!!! What’s next? Apple Vacuum?
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    It’s magical…
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    Skeptical said:
    It’s magical…
    And backwards compatible
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    Skeptical said:
    It’s magical…
    It's Apple's most powerful cloth.  It cleans 50% better than the competition.  They've DOUBLED the density of the fibers.  The Apple Rag Pro will have a notch (coming in 2023).
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