Influencer isn't telling the whole story about her viral AirPods replacement ordeal

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A viral TikTok video featuring a woman saying that she shouted for hours in an Apple Store for replacement AirPods isn't explaining exactly what happened when she visited the outlet.

Grand Central Apple Store
Grand Central Apple Store

The TikTok video by a woman identifying as "Sophie Ogle," which is fast approaching 1 million views, shows the influencer talking to camera from within Grand Central Terminal in New York. In the video, she claims to have managed to secure replacement AirPods from the store after three hours.

Starting off the video by claiming "if you can't tell by my aesthetic and my demeanor, I've never been told no in my f***ing life," Ogle goes on to claim she had been at the store for three hours trying to rectify a problem with "faulty AirPods" that she was sold.

"It was determined by the diagnostic test that the AirPods were having a manufacturing issue and that it was not user error," she explains, before alleging she was told by store staff "We can't replace them."

Ogle then told the employee that she would "start getting louder" until she's "literally screaming, until I get what I want, which is either a new pair of AirPods or for mine to get fixed. Plain and simple."

After insisting she didn't "feel like anyone was taking me seriously," Ogle then said her new AirPods were on the way in three days time from the recording.

Not the whole story

Many elements to the video are factually correct, including her presence at the Grand Central Apple Store as evidenced by the background and a previous video. But, it's not the entire story.

A source of AppleInsider that works in the store confirmed to us that there was an incident. While they didn't wish to discuss the way the TikTok user treated staff at the store, they did let on that the reason behind the lack of an immediate swap within minutes of her arrival was two-fold.

"As I understand it, she didn't have an appointment, and was told to wait until we had an opening for her," our source told us. "We didn't have service exchange stock, so we told her we couldn't swap them on Saturday."

Saturday is the busiest day for Genius Bar appointments at every location. Historically speaking, if you don't have an appointment scheduled at Grand Central by Monday or Tuesday, you won't get one later in the week for Saturday.

Service is still possible at every Apple store on a walk-in basis even on a Saturday, but Apple warns that waits can be lengthy. Three hours is not out of the question at less-busy stores that we are familiar with, much less the Grand Central location.

As far as the three-day wait goes, Apple does not replace product needing service with new shelf stock, unless the product is returned within a 14-day window. Instead, it draws from service stock which is an entirely different inventory pool.

The woman has prominently featured AirPods max in other videos, dating back well before 14 days. It is probably these that she was attempting to get replaced or returned. Repair stock on AirPods Max is much tighter than on AirPods or AirPods Pro.

As the store is located in Grand Central Station, it is one of the busiest outlets in Apple's network. That fact alone can impact how the store can provide support to customers.

AppleInsider recommends that customers attempt to follow established procedures and protocols when attempting to secure support from any service, such as booking Genius Bar appointments in advance. It is also strongly advised to try and treat front-line staff with at least a basic level of respect, instead of resorting to shouting or other tactics designed to intimidate.

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    she sounds very entitled.

    You have to wait like the rest of for replacement stock.
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    jayweissjayweiss Posts: 73member
    There are several terms that could be used to describe her behavior and none of them are complementary. 

    Entitled is a nice way of putting it. I doubt she understands basic common decency. Like common sense it is in very short supply with this younger generation. 
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    The GCT store is slamming at all hours, being in one of the busiest rail terminals in the country, and yet I’ve never dealt with a staffer who has been less than friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They also, without exception, will do everything they can to squeeze you in even without an appointment. When all else fails, they will direct you to one of the other half dozen stores in Manhattan, and if at all possible call or text ahead to try to make sure that store has what you need. Every other store is accessible via subway from GCT. The 5th Ave. store is open 24/7, and just 2 stops north. There is no excuse for Sophie’s child in the candy aisle tantrum.
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    red oakred oak Posts: 1,099member

    That is someone who is going nowhere.  Good luck building a future 
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    I wish she would have just screamed out loud as she stated she would so we could have seen the NYPD throw her ass out of the store!
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    ronnronn Posts: 669member
    We passed through the area this past Saturday on the way to DIA Beacon. The store was packed just after its 8am opening and stuffed after 4pm on our return -- we wanted to stop in to browse a couple items, but changed our minds. There was lots of people coming from the Yankees-Cubs game probably, but it's always crowded at this location. I've never experienced a bad experience in any NYC Apple store, with Grand Central being of the best for Customer Service.

    Her entitled, whiny ass probably caused the issue given her childish behavior that she broadcast to her followers.

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    charles1charles1 Posts: 83member
    I had a defective Airpods Pro, the left earbud had static all the time. This was a known manufacturing defect and Apple had an extended warranty program to replace them. I must have bought them like 3 years ago. I figured they'd just replace the left earbud. I phoned Apple Support and after a bit of fiddling (my Airpods wouldn't run their online diagnostic) they just said that my serial number was in the affected range, and they'd FedEx me a new set of Airpods. They arrived two days later. No yelling necessary, the Apple Support person was courteous and went beyond the call of duty to deliver a total solution to my problem.
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    anonymouseanonymouse Posts: 6,922member
    I wish she would have just screamed out loud as she stated she would so we could have seen the NYPD throw her ass out of the store!
    I was thinking a 72 hour stay at Bellevue.
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    AppleishAppleish Posts: 700member
    I get all of my information off of social media.

    Kang and Kodos 2024!
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    So for the in ear AirPods (not the Max) if you have a defective unit still covered under warranty they don’t exchange it with a brand new unit?
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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,897administrator
    So for the in ear AirPods (not the Max) if you have a defective unit still covered under warranty they don’t exchange it with a brand new unit?
    It's probably new, but it's sometimes refurbished. Either way, it's from service stock, not retail stock. Two different stocks.
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    sunman42sunman42 Posts: 280member
    she sounds very entitled.


    Ya think?

    The only place I’ve heard customers abuse Apple Store employees like that (or at least the way she claimed to), in fact, was New York City. In the instance I witnessed, at the Upper West Side Store, a middle-aged, well-dressed woman was incensed that all employees were helping other customers. Her basic point appeared to be, “How dare you keep _me_ waiting?”

    A sense of undeserved privilege is a wonderful thing, right?

    edited July 2023 williamlondon40domiwatto_cobra
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,770member
    I wish somebody would have just told her to go ahead and scream. In an Apple Store, in NYC, there would have been 200 videos online within a minute. Eventually one of these people is going to run into the wrong employee on the wrong day. 
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    Hopefully this “influencer” won’t influence others to act like a complete arse and ruin the day of retail employees.
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,415member
    Aaannnndd THIS is the reason I’m not on Instagram or TikTok, places where making a scene while filming it is rewarded. I am glad she got her broken AirPods Max replaced, but reality is really going to bite her in the butt one day, and THAT is one video that won’t ever make it to her TikTok account.
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    1348513485 Posts: 360member
    I'm at a disadvantage because I can't tell "from her aesthetic" that she's never been told no. Shame on her parents.
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    Nikon8Nikon8 Posts: 48member
    Most of these so call influencers are mostly fake.  They make a scene to get views.  It is sad our society even calls them influencers.  
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    mknelsonmknelson Posts: 1,128member
    So for the in ear AirPods (not the Max) if you have a defective unit still covered under warranty they don’t exchange it with a brand new unit?
    Why does this surprise people? You don't get a brand new car when there's a warranty problem - they fix your car.

    With electronics like this an in store repair isn't practical, the parts are too small, so they refurbish them (you aren't getting waxy earbuds). The alternative is to throw them out or send them to a recycler. That's a horrible waste!
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,990member
    Duck-lipped little nothings like her don’t have followers, they have enablers. 
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    hmlongcohmlongco Posts: 552member
    The only "problem" here is that she wanted views and attention. Now she's got it.
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