Is this the most popular Mac forum site?

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There are others, but none seem to compare. However, is there any way or knowledge whether or not AppleInsider is the most popular forum dedicated to Apple?

Just curious.


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    wrong robotwrong robot Posts: 3,907member
    It used to be the leetest most 'cult' forum, But ever since the WWDC rush, there has been quite the surge of activitiy(12,000 members! sheesh). It is certainly my favorite by far.
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    MacNN is larger.

    MacAddict is quite possibly larger

    But if you have been to either of those places you'll know why they suck
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    This place is nice, like an old shoe under your bed that you're not looking for but are happy to find when you do.

    How's THAT for deep insight? You don't get brilliant crap like that at MacNN or MacAddict, fellas.
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    even better are the times you return after a while away to discover some new knowledge

    kinda like putting on a jacket you haven't worn in a while and finding money in the pocket
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Bastard...that tops my "shoe under the bed" analogy.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member

    Originally posted by pscates

    Bastard...that tops my "shoe under the bed" analogy.

    You could merge the two kinda and make it "feetie" pajamas (the kind that were one piece that covered your feet too and were deathly hot). That are old and worn and you find money in them

    haha that was horrible and I loved it
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member

    Originally posted by pscates

    Bastard...that tops my "shoe under the bed" analogy.

    now if you'd gone with fluffy slippers, i'd have had to call your bluff.

    coming home to discover a trail of lingerie leading to buried treasure... arrr... wrong forum.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    AI sucks too but only because we post here. Do you really want to post in a forum that would have you as a member? Do you have a choice?
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    wrong robotwrong robot Posts: 3,907member
    Like a piece of toffee found in the pocket of an old jacket that tastes sweet as ever, after you remove all the lint
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    I like this forum because it has the least amount of members. Other forums get so big you can't really keep track of whose an ass and whose not.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    I came here in late December 1999, I believe, just a few days before the 2000 MWSF that saw the unveiling of OS X.

    It was black and turquoise and I felt at home immediately. I think Groverat was one of the first people I talked with and I thought "cool...this is a pretty neat place".

    Three-and-a-half years later...


    I've tried the others, even hung out at MacNN for a good long while. But it wasn't my bag. And since I no longer go to AppleOutsider, my enjoyment, interest and participation in AI has increased nicely.

    That place was just sapping my strength and will to exist.

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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    AppleInsider's generally grayish over-all color, and lack of vibrantly colored side-bar advertising and other garish, attention-grabbing graphics, make it much easier to read at work without drawing unwanted attention.

    Now all I need is a browser with an easily switchable monochrome mode to dull-down the emoticons so that they don't stand out.
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    Originally posted by CubeDude

    I like this forum because it has the least amount of members. Other forums get so big you can't really keep track of whose an ass and whose not.

    We like to help you guys out by editing people's titles For example, on first glance, you already know that Scott is a Royal Pain in the Ass

    That's service. Who else would do that for you folks? We love you guys
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    My general experience with a lot of internet forums is that they tend to suck. Like HOOVERS, do they suck. Chalk-full of eleetist pricks and RPG fanboys, and the like. But that's not the case with AI. You guys aren't assholes.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    I too was at MacNN for a while. It seemed to attract a much younger and somewhat juvenille crowd.

    Here at AppleInsider, people for the most part are friendly but also enjoy a civil debate. It's a great place to speak Apple in a world that's so un-Apple.

    AppleOutsider is interesting...just make sure you use those smilies.
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    I still can't find a solid reason why I am here
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    first forum i participated in... (well except for some iPod forum that I haven't been to in 18 months)

    I visited the main page for a couple of years and never really got past it.... (the colors didn't work for me) then in like september or so of 2001 MacNN ran a story about AI being back... lurked for a month or so (the story musta been in november... I think it was right around when the iPod was announced, that was a big reason why I was looking at rumor sites... wanted to see what it was going to be...) then registered to post about the MWSF hype and iWalk hoax...

    I liked AI because it is has minimal graphics with an easy to browse set of forums... I've stayed because of the community that is for the most part levelheaded and civil...
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    AI is my favorite, since it seems to have a high proportion of quality members, who also care about the upkeep of the threads and the level of discussion (mostly). sure, some problems sneak in, but they are still the exception. macaddict and macnn are loaded with trolls, or the fairweather members who only show up once every expo.

    stupid question, but has anyone tried to organize an AI assembly at an expo? or would that be, as they say, a Bad Idea??

    p.s. holy crap! i just noticed i'm approaching 1000 posts! amazing how unemployment will open up new opportunities for posting that my old work schedule never afforded.
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    It's easy when you have nothing to do.
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    nx7oenx7oe Posts: 198member
    I am here because frankly, in the future, my title will be Moderator Justus

    ¿Right Jonathan?


    (Under the Table, $500)

    ¿Can you at least put moderator in my title without me having to actually moderate the forums?
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