what's gonna be left for macworld in jan?



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    based on the new appleinsider article, i'd say g5 speedbumps, and displays if not already updated by then. newton II would be awesome
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    xStation or not.

    On the back of VT's "Big Mac" demonstration, Apple could just make a scaled down "xNode". A mini dual G5 with nothing but whatever any Cluster-freak needs. Price it at $ 1500 and a bunch of Universities (and everyone else for that matter) with a supercomputer ambition will wet themselfes...
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member

    Originally posted by Tyrihans

    xStation or not.

    On the back of VT's "Big Mac" demonstration, Apple could just make a scaled down "xNode". A mini dual G5 with nothing but whatever any Cluster-freak needs. Price it at $ 1500 and a bunch of Universities (and everyone else for that matter) with a supercomputer ambition will wet themselfes...

    All they need to do to accomplish that is stuff a G5 or two into their existing Xserve for Clusters. Rack-mountable CPUs beat towers every time for scalability.

    As to the "Xstation" - it's not a bad rendering for something that wants to be a low end Dell, but it's not going to happen as a competitor to a low end Dell - even though its logo orients itself automagically. I think its potential as a market share expander is massively overstated, and its profit potential is nil. Also, relative to an AIO, the box + monitor would have to cost more than the two fused together.

    That said, the "iMac as Cube" rumors seem to be gathering steam, so I can't entirely rule out the possibility that Apple will release a Cube-like midrange machine. For now, Apple's big switcher machine and chief low-end solution is the iBook.
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    ryaxnbryaxnb Posts: 583member

    Originally posted by T'hain Esh Kelch

    That xStation concept just makes me cum... Thats one hell of a gorgeous design.. I would just love to see Apple make more machines like that! (The design)

    Oh well, I for one think the cheese-grates looks like s***...

    Yes to 1st point. No to 2nd.
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    Originally posted by celestial

    A rumor I heard from an Apple reseller was the appearance of Dual 1.8GHz G5's due to high demand on 2GHz and low sales of 1.8s versus 1.6s. Must say for home use a dual 1.8 at a decent price difference would be attractive to me.


    That rumor is 2 months old... and that's all it was, was a rumor.

    New displays are due.

    A PowerMac G5 speedbump is due sometime in Jan/Feb.

    What the heck are some you guys talking about new ibooks, we just got new G4 ibooks. Apple isn't going to update the ibook line again until next Mar/Apr, which would be in time for schools to purchase them.

    The G5 Xserve is a possibility.
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    Originally posted by Amorph

    Also, relative to an AIO, the box + monitor would have to cost more than the two fused together.

    Not only that, but I've already had an LCIII. Let's not take our industrial design backwards, shall we?
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    G5 X-serve

    New iMac

    Updated G5

    Maybe a new display

    New version of Keynote

    Possibly a hugely updated AppleWorks

    Updates to AppleScript Studio, QT, iCal.

    Possibly by then we will see OS X 10.3.2 (10.3.1 was an emergency release to fix just a few problems so this release would tackle broader problems such as networking).

    It is way too early for a G5 PB. iBooks were just updated. eMac doesn't rate for MWSF.

    There certainly is R&D going on regarding new iPods and related products but I don't think we'll see them at MWSF.

    Lots of review of information on how things are changing. Success of the stores, size of mobs at Tokyo store opening, growing marketshare, success of iTMS and iPod.

    Some of the latter is not as exciting on the surface as getting a new case for an iBook but increasing mindshare in the general population helps us all. It makes it easier for all of us to keep and use OS X in our schools and jobs.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    Of that list:

    I'm not sure whether the Xserve (quarterly unit sales: about 5K) is a MacWorld worthy item, even if it is big news within its market. The only exception would be if Steve decides to use the Va Tech supercomputer as a riff, introducing the G5 Xserve ("for the next guy") and the G5 PowerMac as well. My guess is that it'll use the 90nm 970 that's also going into IBM's blades, in which case it might not appear until February.

    The G5 PowerMac might have to be a pre-announcement to make MacWorld, since it will apparently use the 90nm 970 as well, and that looks to be bowing in in Jan/Feb sofar. They might want to make a point that they've jumped half a GHz in a few months; they might also want to do a later release that makes it look like business as usual now. Depends.

    10.3.x, for any x, will be released with little fanfare, perhaps on the eve of MWSF. Bug fixes aren't anything you can build a strong marketing case around. Panther was supposed to have great networking out of the starting gate, after all.

    The iMac is almost a dead certainty, even if they do have to preannounce it (because if it goes G5, it's 100% likely to be the 90nm variety). It's still the product most strongly associated with Apple and with Apple's design philosophy, and if it's getting a total makeover than Steve will want to do the whole dog and pony show.

    Don't forget that a fair amount of any keynote is a review of old stuff and some big-picture talking (iTunes and iTMS and iPod will get plenty of air time), and a few iApp updates and some showcasing of third-party stuff (the architect of the Va Tech cluster is a shoo-in here, complete with the announcement that they're releasing their technology for free). These day, the big picture is pretty exciting on all fronts. You don't have to account for enough new stuff to fill the whole keynote.
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    I think there is one overwhelming need for Apple if they are going to increase market share:

    a low cost stand-alone box (cube variant)

    Many have mentioned this, often as a headless iMac.

    The big point is that replacing all your gear as a PC user is formidable. Much easier, Just replace the Dell, Gateway, on HP box.

    Now that we have the G5, a

    G5 1.6 gHz )


    box might be a big hit.

    Oh well,

    Dr. L
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    I reworked the Xstation design so it's got USB, Firwire and a headphone jack at the front.

    I also added what would be a "gravity responsive" apple logo, so it would turn if you tilt it.

    Sorry for my bad photoshop skills.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    That actually looks neat, kudos on the Photoshop.
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    Something else we seem to be forgetting to think about is the patent apple have on the exterior of the computer changing color. Perhaps we'll see the first generation of hypercolor imacs?

    The "xstation" could even change colour.
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    Originally posted by Aquatic

    That actually looks neat, kudos on the Photoshop.

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    mccrabmccrab Posts: 201member

    Originally posted by NOFEER

    what about more partnering with ibm, say ibm office suite, mac emulator, if there a market for an office suite other than MS?

    I've been thinking along these lines for a while...

    ...particularly given that IBM owns Lotus (123, WP, etc)
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    After the last MWSF there was a rumour about Chiat Day being tasked with an Ad for the '04 Superbowl.

    20th anniversary of the Mac and all that.

    1984 was about Apple being the alternative to Big Blue (IBM). However in the intervening 20 years Dell and Microsoft have become the alternative to IBM.

    So my own reality distortion field runs riot:

    IBM are allowed to make Apple clones.

    IBM moves its inhouse systems to OSX

    Apple releases iOffice a suite of Office competing software

    All originally trailed at the Superbowl to create Media anticipation.

    Revised iMac

    Xstation as a headless Mac/in home media streamer to allow switchers to move to Mac with minimal peripheral purchases.

    All the other pieces are there already and this allows Steve to ramp it up in radical style.
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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    The superbowl ad is the Pepsi/iTMS promotion
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    Originally posted by Flounder

    The superbowl ad is the Pepsi/iTMS promotion

    ...apple can still have a different ad to promote the 2.5ghz g5s that will be out by then.

    Whats the speed on the next pentium update and when?
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    ryaxnbryaxnb Posts: 583member
    Here's my (mostly) rehash:


    If only xStation...

    iMac... either a pushed-back 20"er or G5 iMac line.

    eMac... 1.25Ghz or G5

    Looking at things, possibly a PowerBook G5 shipiping in March/June (after 90nm G5 comes out)?

    iMovie 4, the app is almost a year old

    iPhoto 3, almost a year old too

    iTunes 5 or 4.5, last notable update was in April, and there have been rumors

    Displays: 17" widescreen, 20", 23" and possibly 25" or 30".

    Oh please Apple make iSticky with note categories, searching, Palm sync, and iTunes-like interface!

    iWorks or iOffice

    I may be weird, but I think it will be time for a Safari update, the last major update was in June... and they need a version for Jag.

    Maybe even be nice to the competition and mention OmniWeb 5?

    Maybe a Power Mac G5 refresh? I've heard rumors...

    "We've reinvented the digital hub... again." "Introducing iMovie 4, iPhoto 3, iTunes 5, iSticky Beta, and Safari 1.5!"

    I think in many ways, Apple's software is the most lacking, aside form the xServe. Well, not really lacking, but old. Here's the list of old Apple software:

    Safari (last major upgrade in June)

    iTunes (last major upgrade in April, POSSIBLE but not too likely)

    iMovie and iPhoto (almost a year old)

    iSync (last major upgrade, I don't know when, POSSIBLE but not too likely)

    Stickies (last major upgrade probably came with 10.0)

    AppleWorks (last major upgrade over 3 years ago!)

    EDIT: More software: Keynote. Apple needs too get on the software track.
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    rageousrageous Posts: 2,170member

    Steve Jobs will crank up the RDF to full power... the masses will be salivating... and the "one more thing" über item will be a free Pepsi One under every seat. Jobs will exit stage right leaving everyone scrating their heads wondering what the hell just happened.

    What could be more surprising than no surprise at all?

    It's genius.
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    i think you'll have a better chance of seeing this at macworld...

    a new michael jackson/pepsi commercial where his hair is on fire, he is then hosed off while the camera pans to a shot of him holding a waterproof ipod in his gloved hand. hehehhehee
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