iPod Ads being defaced

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I've noticed some defaced ads around the NYC Soho area. Somone's going around stenciling the ads with "The IPOD comes with a non replaceable battery that only lasts for 18 months" One, I wonder who's doing this. Two, I wonder if there's any truth to it.


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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Well, I bet there are plenty of first-gen iPod users who could tell us whether or not the iPod kinks out after 18 months. Hm, what are the chances that this one person's battery failed after 18 months? Methinks someone's a bit upset.

    You can get the battery replaced by Apple. There's also AppleCare for iPods now too.
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    if you're brave and can follow photo instructions you can also replace the battery yourself

    of course, the warranty you can't replace
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    hmmmm..makes me wonder, will apple replace the battery for you, of course charging you for one? If so, how much? Anyone had to deal with this yet?

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    Guys, you might be interested in this. I just received it today and it makes me wonder what might be going on that I am not aware of. Check it out: http://petitiononline.com/AppleWar/
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    meilleure ami, quit trolling.
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    My iPod is almost 2 years old, and the battery is still pretty damn fantastic.
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    Apple has an Applecare deal for the iPod for $59. They will replace a worn out battery out of warranty for $99. You send your dead iPod to them if its the battery. Go here:

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    How can you tell if its the battery that's bad?
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    meilleure ami, did you misspell your username on purpose?
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    How did I misspell it?
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    Does anyone have pictures of these defaced iPod ads?
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    Originally posted by meilleure ami

    How can you tell if its the battery that's bad?

    Um, if it stops holding a charge? That would seem to be the obvious way to me.

    And, to give some feedback, my first-gen 5GB iPod is now 19 months old, and I still get 8-10 hours of battery life.
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    lolololo Posts: 87member
    >>How did I misspell it?

    It should be either "meilleur ami" (best male friend) or "meilleure amie" (best female friend).

    Not to worry, it's not something that non native speakers would notice. I cringe when I see things like Le Grande Affaire (http://www.legrandeaffaire.com) but that's just me (affaire is feminin so it should be la, not le).
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    I see. Merci.
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    Now every time I read one of your trolling posts, rather than get angry, I will laugh at the fact that you can't even spell your own username correctly.

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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    Maybe one of our NYC members should cut out a stencil that says "Dell paid for this ->" and go around putting that next to the other guy's stencil.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Originally posted by Amorph

    Maybe one of our NYC members should cut out a stencil that says "Dell paid for this ->" and go around putting that next to the other guy's stencil.

    Or add on to the bottom of each with a link to goatse or tubgirl or the "facepeel" pic.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    Yikes...let's not and say we did.
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    After nine months the battery on my first gen iPod, which I was given the November they came out, held a charge that gave me a mighty 20 minutes. I sent it off to Apple in the Netherlands and they DHL'd me a replacement within a week. It's a very, very common problem.

    My Pod's dead now: pocket of my cycling jacket filled up with water and the bastard never worked again. I wept.
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    people have said that opening it and unplugging and plugging the battery back in somehow gives it life again

    i cant remember the details.
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