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    Originally posted by tonton

    I had no idea he was a Rhodes scholar. I'm impressed. I'll have to look more into his policies. I had been leaning towards Dean, and had opposed Clark because while being anti-Bush, he was still decidedly pro-war, but perhaps I'll have another look. It's about time we had someone halfway intelligent back in the Whitehouse, and I could compromise on the war thing to get a real thinker.

    He was not, nor is he nor will he be ever 'pro-war'

    I don't know where people get that false information.

    While he did say that the execution of the war was well done in military standards he says that the stated reasons for executing that war were, if not over-stated deliberately, then outright lies. He is also very much against any sort of unilateralist actions such as "the war"

    He has a very experienced respect for balanced foreign diplomacy.
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    Originally posted by ShawnJ

    Saddam's capture helps out Clark tremendously:Bush can say, "Under my presidency, we captured Saddam and brought him to justice."
    Clark can say, "Under my command, we captured Milosivec and brought him to justice."

    Actually didn't Cohen fire Clark long before Milosivec was no longer protected by the Yugos...he might of even still been in office...?
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    I'm sure people don't care since Dean has 'wrapped NH up', but while every other candidate has been losing ground to Dean, and is continuing to lose ground to Dean, Wesley Clark has actually been moving up in the polls.

    It would not surprise me in the least if Clark came in a strong 2nd here. People are really beginning to get his message.
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    clark is a solid canidate.
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