10.4 Tiger Feature Request



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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Right! I now automatically in one deft swipe of the hand hit Cmd-Del then Return. Sometimes right after I do that I realize "Oops!" I wasn't supposed to throw that away!
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    This just occurred to me as an idea:

    Right now, you can drag a document to an app icon in the Dock, and the app will open it if it can.

    Well, what if the app was set up as a filter (something that takes an input, does something to it, and spits out the result)? Currently, it's very easy to use filters in the UNIX command line thanks to I/O redirection and pipes, but the GUI is a little dicier.

    Suppose you have an app that takes a number of document formats and spits out HTML. What if you could drop a document onto that app's icon, have the document "stick" to the icon, and gradually be "fed in" the way paper is fed into a printer. When the filter's done, an icon representing the finished document would scroll out (the way a printer spits out a finished page), and you could drag this document off the app's icon and drop it wherever you wanted?

    It doesn't sound as elegant written out as it looks in my head. Basically, you drag a document to a Dock icon, it displays some feedback showing its progress, and when its done it displays a draggable icon representing the finished output.

    Personally, I think this could be really cool.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Sounds like droplet type behavior with some visual feedback. It's like when you drop an eps or ps file onto Create, it opens in PStill, converts to a PDF, and opens back in Create. I still think the Finder has to do a better job with some complex script-like actions and batch changes such as these, figuring our work chains and processing data taking advantage of the pasteboard a whole lot.

    I'm still looking for something akin to indexing for graphics. So many features like services, indexing, filtering and searching are text-driven. If technology were out there to learn, index or associate content in images, it would be miraculous and quite useful. Ths is what iPhoto needs to be as convenient for large libraries of photos as iTunes is for music files. Creating you own tags for stuff is a PITA.
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