G5-2.5 shipping dates.



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    Hmmmmm... placed my order with CDW the evening of announcement, at the time shipping was "4-6 days". They're still "processing" my order.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the delay was due to the car parts being added either... it looks like there are three radiators in there -- not as common for a mfr to build a few hundred thousand little radiators as it is to build a few hundred thousand plastic cases or disk drives. I'd guess there are teething pains.
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    I wonder if they will announce something after wed q3 conference?
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    leppoleppo Posts: 66member
    I think it's a good sign that 10.3.5 was seeded. Maybe that's what the holdup is, to make sure the OS rev is solid before they ship the machines, as they're rumored to be shipping with 10.3.5.

    I check a couple of times a day and still see 7/30. I hope it's true. I fear it's not.
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    Macrumors says they are shipping, can anyone confirm this?
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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member

    Originally posted by Addison

    Macrumors says they are shipping, can anyone confirm this?

    nothing yet--here's hoping for tomorrow
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    I'd love to hear if all were delayed, and now all are shipping, or just the radmacs. Call me selfish, but I'm in a hurry to see some of my older games (Warcraft III, Myth II, Q3 - urban terror) run on some serious G5 horsepower.

    Shhhhh! I can't type anymore... I think I hear my Cube coming!
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    auslanderauslander Posts: 183member
    I ordered my 2.5 on July 13th. Shipping is supposed to be by July 27th. I *did* ask them if they had started shipping the 2.5's and was told yes.

    Dual 2.5

    4 GB RAM

    2 x 250 SATA drives

    NVidia 6800 Vid card.

    Airport Extreme card

    Bluetooth card.

    I can't wait! 8)
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    fugimaxfugimax Posts: 31member
    If you have a Nvidia 6800 in there, it's not going to ship until late august...unless things have changed..?
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    auroraaurora Posts: 1,142member
    sounds fishy, i have not heard of anyone getting a 2.5 yet. I wonder where this liquid beast is being made? anyone know? still waiting for mine maybe 1st week in august?
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    auslanderauslander Posts: 183member

    Originally posted by fugimax

    If you have a Nvidia 6800 in there, it's not going to ship until late august...unless things have changed..?

    I had originally ordered a Dual 2Ghz model as I know they are shipping as a friend got one immediately, but I called them and specifically asked about shipping dates. To my surprise this was changed from 4-6 weeks as I had seen originally to "on or before July 27th".

    So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but if it's the end of August so be it.

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    kcom2006kcom2006 Posts: 69member
    My G5 2.5 w/ 6800 is scheduled to ship on or before July 30th !!!!
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,454member

    We have gone through this already. I was forced to change my order from the 6800ultra to the 9800xt. When I got my email and even posted my order it said July 30th. Well I went to the apple store and added a 6800ultra by itself to my cart and went to buy it. It said "Late August" as shipping date. So I was like WTF. I called ADC (since that is who I bought my g5 from). And asked them when it was supposed to ship, they told me around august 26th or later. So I had to change it back to 9800xt so it would ship sooner! They haven't fixed the part of adding a 6800ultra to the g5s shipping time. I guarantee you your mac won't get to you before august 26th. ADC members have priority over normal apple purchases.
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    auslanderauslander Posts: 183member
    I'm a developer too, so I ordered mine through the ADC hardware purchase program. It was a representative at the Developer Store woh told me all this.

    We'll see what happens. Either way it'll be a kickass machine when it does arrive
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member

    Originally posted by fugimax

    If you have a Nvidia 6800 in there, it's not going to ship until late august...unless things have changed..?

    I don't think this is quite right. I spoke to my local Apple store and was told the following. The 6800 was released 4 weeks after the 2.5 G5 and Apple have taken so many orders that if you want a 6800 you will join the queue which is now around the middle of August.

    I orded my machine the day after the annopuncement and changed the specification to the 6800 when it was announced and I am told that I have not lost my place in the queue and so I expect my order around 30th July.

    We'll see what happens.
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    Are there any NON ADC members who have recieved macchines yet?
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    I didn't buy my 1.8 duallie via the ADC, and I don't have my machine yet. I ordered my on June 16, so I'm hoping I'm near the top of the queue now!

    I checked in with my retailer yesterday, who said they just received their first CTO (customized to order, I think) the day prior. So, given that, I'm thinking that units are beginning to slowly but surely flow. I didn't think to ask if it was a 2.5 duallie - sorry guys.
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    My order is ADC as well.
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    jjjj Posts: 48member
    I ordered CTO 2.5 with everything stock except the 6800 on 7/12. My "on or before date" is still 7//30. I called today to confirm and was told that date was accurate, however when I asked about the availability of the 6800 and its effect on the shipping date, the guy responded "well it says here 7/30 so...."

    so he really has no clue.

    I have a large maya project that needs to be done early/mid august that could really benefit from the use of a second G5 before I take it home. I have a rev A 2.0 as my work machine, this 2.5 will be for side projects at home
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    got ahold of CDW, they will receive their first shipment of dual 2.5s on 8/6 and will turn them around the same day... my gen4 iPod will ship 8/3, so for me anyway, Christmas comes in August!
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    jjjj Posts: 48member
    OK, here is a rundown of the est shipping times that can be expected when ordering from the apple store today:

    From this it looks like the primary hold up is on the 2.5's, regardless of video card. A 2.0 with 6800 ordered today is expected to ship in-line with the 7/30 date. This correlates well with the reports that the 2.5 will initially ship in limited numbers (because of supply issues with the chips or cooling systems, who really knows). I'm guessing there was an initial batch of 2.5's that were all spoken for by about 7/15, and the 6800 will generally be available CTO on the 30th. The late aug date for the 6800 is likely for the standalone upgrade as apple is giving priority to those ordering new machines.

    Of course I could be completely wrong and my 7/30 date could change to a month later just like it did with the rev A machines. My best educated guess is most of the 7/30 batch will ship on time, machines after 7/30 could be more unpredictable.
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