Apple reserves room for changes atop iPod line

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Without explicitly stating so, Apple has taken measures to allow itself room to make changes at the top of its iPod product line this spring, if it chooses to do so.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company recently informed some of its partners and big box retailers that it has placed the top-of-the-line 60GB fifth-generation iPod on its 60-day "at risk" list. The 30GB iPod was not placed on the list.

According to sources, when Apple makes note of an item being placed on an "at risk list," it could mean one of many things, or nothing at all. Simply, it's the company's way of warning resellers that it may make changes to that product, replace it with a newer model, offer a price reduction or discontinue it, among other things. Therefore, resellers should keep a close eye on their inventory management of such products.

With several analysts -- and the tech sector in general -- expecting Apple to soon introduce a video iPod with a larger display screen, people familiar with the company's operations say nudging such a product into the iPod line through the highest price point would pose the least risk. Since it's unclear how such a product will initially fare with consumers, a single and high-end entry point would allow Apple to cautiously assess real-world demand without jeopardizing an entire line of iPods that continue to sell fairly well, these people said.

Still, it's unclear if and when Apple will make the jump from its current fifth-generation iPods to a model with a larger screen and additional video features. Sources can only confirm that the company holds several iPod designs with displays larger than today's models and is very excited about the prospect of iPods with wireless capabilities a little further down the line.

The 60GB iPod was placed on the 60-day at risk list about a month ago.


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    crees!crees! Posts: 501member
    So we're now waiting possibly 2 more months till maybe seeing a shakeup in the iPod line. Hmm...
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    In other news it appears that MacBook Pro demand is still holding strong with ship times at 2-3 weeks on the apple store.

    The Intel Mac Mini also appears to be outpacing Apple's internal projections as the Apple Store shipping delay is up to 4-6 days, up from 24 hours when it was released a little over 2 weeks ago.

    I project that there is a 93.14159265358979323846264338327950% chance of Apple exceeding the consensus estimate for revenue in the current quarter.

    Piper MacCentricray Analysts
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    amac4meamac4me Posts: 282member
    I'm eagerly waiting for a true Video iPod. I'm ready to buy when it's released
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    jimbo123jimbo123 Posts: 153member
    2 months starting last month so in effect one more month risk?
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    Could it be related to this event?
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    chromoschromos Posts: 191member
    "initially fair", "cautiously asses", yuk!
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,796member
    In other words, apple told them: do not order too many 60Gb iPods!

    They have being warned, and cannot be pissed off now if another product comes along from apple and wipes out the 60Gb iPod!

    This to me tell me three things:

    1. Apple thinks and I would agree if this is the case, that people who bought the 60Gb bought it for video! So now this new product will take up that role. Hence the New Video iPod

    2.It also tells me that the True video iPod will be priced around that of the 60Gb iPod. Sounds right to me! (around that price)

    3.If you want music with video as a bonus, you buy the 30Gb iPod!

    Howerver if you want Video with music as a bonus, you wait a few weeks!

    p.s. you have been warned
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    krispiekrispie Posts: 260member
    Why would anyone want to watch a movie on a 3" or 4" screen?
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    April 1

    iPod Video

    -Full screen 80 GB iPod.

    -Full 720p and 1080p HD playback

    -TouchScreen interface

    -All other iPod features.

    iPod AudioOne

    - Audiophile iPod.( improved integrated DAC and heaphone amp)

    - Black and White screen.( 256 Graylevels)

    - Headphone and TOSLINK out ( properly clocked).

    - iTunes Visual Plugins available when Docked.


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    Look at this:

    Draft Law Clouds iPod's Future in France
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    kenaustuskenaustus Posts: 922member
    So the new elevator photos should start showing up soon?

    I'm in the group that believes the full video iPod will come when sufficient studio contracts are signed. Disney will lead the way and SOny will be the last to sign . . .
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    - Black and White screen.( 256 Graylevels)

    - iTunes Visual Plugins available when Docked.


    The only thing that will compell me to wait for a 6thGen would be more storage. If not, I'm working on the 60 white. My iPod use consists of 2 parts music, 1 part file storage.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Look here. This is sensible iPod rumours. Large screen video iPods are logical extentions of the iPod line.

    iPhones, on the other hand, makes no sense at all. I mean, its right up there in MOSR and PiperJaffray alley. So I like the fact it hasn´t been mentioned in this thread. If it is, I WILL fart in your general direction.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    The 60GB iPod was placed on the 60-day at risk list about a month ago.

    How does this news take so long to leak? 60 days from a month ago easily covers the range of a possible anniversary product announcement. Or it could just mean a transition to an 80GB drive, but I figured the 60GB was compelling enough of an upgrade from 30GB when combined with the extra battery life.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member

    Originally posted by Anders

    iPhones, on the other hand, makes no sense at all. I mean, its right up there in MOSR and PiperJaffray alley. So I like the fact it hasn?t been mentioned in this thread. If it is, I WILL fart in your general direction.

    You mentioned it, so are you smelling your own cloud?

    Even in the other thread, you don't explain why you are so against the idea or why it has you so emotionally disturbed.
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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    I'm thinking...maybe...

    60 GB iPod gets a price bum to 349.99 to make way for a newer higher-end iPod...
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member

    Originally posted by icfireball

    I'm thinking...maybe...

    60 GB iPod gets a price bum to 349.99 to make way for a newer higher-end iPod...

    I agree, that or a minor drive bump if they're available.

    Either way, I'd expect something to come out soon!
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    mac writemac write Posts: 289member
    I am within a month of buying my very first iPod (and third in my family for a first iPod (Brother in Law Feb 22 30GB White, my mom a week ago Wednesday 30GB White). All I want is an iPod for Music podcasts (bedtime) and audiobooks. an 80GB is what I need, as my iTunes library is 72GB and I use Apple Lossless. I don't care for a full-screen iPod Video, but it could be close as no one has stated large touch-screens have been around for almost a decade in PDA's (Palms). I just want a 5g 80GB iPod for $399.
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    mark2005mark2005 Posts: 1,158member
    The 1.8" 80GB dual platter (and 40GB single platter) drives have been available for awhile.

    Given that the most people seem content with 60GB for music (actually most are content with just 4 or 6GB), it seemed to me that Apple was just happy to keep rolling in the extra profit as the 60GB and 30GB wholesale prices dropped. But if a real video iPod is coming, especially one with higher resolution, it would make a lot of sense for Apple to up the storage for it.

    Here's to the new iPod video 80GB with higher resolution videos on April 1.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that iPod docks, the iPod Hi-Fi, and all other dock-like accessories have been designed for the iPod to sit vertically. For a wide-screen iPod, the screen display would have to be sideways when docked.

    I'm sorry, but I still think the "true video iPod" is going to be different than just a current model with a full-face screen turned sideways.
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