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    Originally Posted by STEPHEN RAY SNELL


    Stephen, I'm afraid that you're just pushing away folks trying to help you here. Running Disk Repair 'a few months ago' really has nothing to do with potential problems *today*. Either take the advice as given, or ask elsewhere. You have come to a highly knowledgeable and highly helpful community, but even we have our limits.

    I'm sorry you are having these problems, but I, for one, am going to bow out of this discussion. Options have been given to you, reasons why a 10.4.8 update won't necessarily do *anything* to help you have been given to you, questions from helpful people trying to understand more about your situation *to help you* have gone unanswered... I'm afraid you're not being very gracious to the help that has been offered. So... I'm sorry, but you're on your own, as far as I'm concerned. Best of luck.
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    Okay Guys, I've Just Looked And I Don't Have It For Some Dumb Reason. I Guess That There's Not Much More That I Can Do, Except Hope That Apple Will Fix-it In The Next Tiger Update. Sorry Guys, But Thanks So Very Much For All Of Your Help You Guys!!!:d :d :d
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    For your signature, the best thing to do is to delete your current one and make a new one the way you like it. There will be times it is best to just scrap what you have and start over, if you are having a problem with it.

    As for Safari, it has some problems. Some are caused by certain web pages that either require plug-ins or just won't work with Safari. It might be best to wait till your friend gets back to work on safari. Since I know how safari acts for me, and I tend not to explore sites that might leave unwanted things in my system. I will delete recent plug-ins or monitor my system more closely if something starts to act like it is not suppose to. Also have you tried using firefox? Try that and see if the problem remains.
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    This thread has been the biggest waste of people's time.

    I'm gonna zap it later on.
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