So Whos holding out for NEW hardware?

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you looking for new hardware and/or Leopard BEFORE you buy something?

does it feel so close that you want to hold off?

but you STILL wanna buy something NOW

Personally I'm waiting for at LEAST a mini update, but on the off chance the Mac Pro gets a major update, then who knows.

im also watching out for a new widescreen iPod and or iPhone.

all this and a PS3 at some point (they aint out in the UK yet) its looking like an expensive year.


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    Absolutely I'm holding out! New Macbook Pro's with LED screens, smaller Mac Pros, hell maybe even touch sensitive screens, virtual keyboards the list goes on! It's the curse of technology that it will always be out of date 6 months later. But definitely post-Leopard.
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    I'm actually holding off to see if there is any price drop in refurbed equipment once the new stuff comes out. Leopard would have to include some really cool (useful) stuff we haven't seen yet for me to buy new hardware just for that.

    My Achilles heel would be a 12" MBP or something ultraportable.
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    I'm holding out at least until after WWDC June. I am in the market for a MBPro, and would love to see Apple announce yet another jaw-dropping new design from Jonathan Ive!

    Oh, and Leopard would be nice too.
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    I initially thought I'd be buying a 24" iMac a while ago, but decided to hold off until greater compatibility with Adobe's Suite fell into play. It's just a doorstop to me until Photoshop screams on it.
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    I'm holding out for a new Mini. I'm not totally sold on the price/power ratio of the current models and wouldn't be heartbroken if Leopard came along with it.

    It's going into my HT rack so I can watch out of town baseball on my TV ? and I plan to have it replace my DVD player.

    April 1 is my goal (opening day) but if we get close and there's no good buzz about an upgrade and/or Leopard, I'll probably just by the Core Duo model and weep, knowing Apple will introduce the new Core 2 Duo model immediately afterward.
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    I'm holding out for a new Mac Pro and an LCD display (23" or greater).
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    Originally Posted by googleplex View Post

    Absolutely I'm holding out! New MacBook Pro's with LED screens, smaller Mac Pros, hell maybe even touch sensitive screens, virtual keyboards the list goes on! It's the curse of technology that it will always be out of date 6 months later. But definitely post-Leopard.

    LED screen will be brighter, and more energy efficient, but from what I understand the LED screen technology is a step backwards for color and accuracy. The MacBook Pro C2D is in mid-product cycle, and if the only update to the next MBP really is LED screen and 100mhz proc bump...there's really not a better time to buy one than right now. The only con would be having to upgrade Tiger to Leopard.

    The MacBook Pro seems to be at a point where the first round of major revisions have been made, most design flaws have been corrected, and the hardware has been substantially upgraded to accommodate for the higher price point...I'm no Apple expert, but I don't see a huge potential for waiting...Although upgraded graphics card would be great...and who knows it may get more ups than expected!

    Good luck.
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    gargar Posts: 1,201member
    It has been an expensive year in which a lot of hardware died.

    My digital camera and powerbook where the heaviest losses.

    I think only my fridge, some audio/video equipment and iMacG5 surfived 2006

    I'll buy Adobe CS3, leopard and iLife07 however.

    A new 24"iMac this year, depends on the specs and how well my current iMac handels CS3. (or not)
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    i was holding out but that money had to be used in another urgent thing, so, i HAVE to hold out again until '08
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    Still hanging on to my G4 mini and iBook. Soon I'd like a MiniPro ? and MacBook --Leopard pre-installed, iLife 07 and iWork 07. The money's here waiting... Come on Apple.
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    Since I'm going to be a new mac user soon, I'm waiting for leopard and may wait for new hardware. Depends on how patient I can be, but right now my POS computer is working, so waiting is barely tolerable.
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    I'm still rockin' my 800 MHz PowerPC G4 eMac with 256 MB of RAM. Not the most beatiful Mac ever made, but it still does everything I need it to do. The thing is a tank! Just about 5 years old and 0 problems. I'm waiting to see if it will run Leopard okay (if I install Leopard I will upgrade to 1 GB RAM). If it's too slow for Leopard I'll probably pick up a Macbook or an iMac, depending on the next revisions.
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    I'm holding out for the next iMac, which I hope will be revolutionary in terms of a new look, cutting-edge hardware, and, of course, Leopard. The last iMac is 6 months old, and the cycle has usually been 6 months or so. If it's just a few bells and whistles atop Leopard, I might wait to see if the Penryn processor technology is implemented later in the year. I'm anxious to spend some money, and I need a significant jump in architecture to do it. Bring on the new iMacs. In fact, bring something for heaven's sake; we're all tire of waiting, even if the wait will be worth it.
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    Waiting for the octa-core [dual 4-core cpus] mac pros I first heard about back in October -- on this site no less.

    ... when o when o when....

    When the next change to the mac pro line comes-- I will buy one. The money is in the bank waiting for it... and I'm chomping at the bit like a kid before christmas.
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    I need a laptop by may and are hoping really hard I can buy an updated macbook with leopard and iLife/iWork 07 by then. Still doubting whether I'll go for the 13 or the rumored 15 inch MB.
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    I feel the same as iMaki, I am ready to buy, but would like the iMac line to be remodeled. Ideally I would like it to look something like the 23" or 30" cinema displays in roughly that size casing. I don't see why Apple couldn't design something like this...Maybe the new cinema displays and iMacs will look alike, except for their depth.
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    I'm holding for Leopard and based on what the word on the street is I may hold for upgraded Macbook hardware. I'm willing to bite my nails until mid april, I hope they release something new by then This is my first Mac and I intend to keep it for a while but I don't want to pay for a new Macbook and have it obsoleted two weeks later.
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    I'm holding out for Leopard and a new Mac Pro. Couldn't come soon enough.

    Oh yeah... new widescreen multitouch video iPod too.
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    new cinema displays please!! 24 incher!
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    dcqdcq Posts: 349member
    Definitely waiting for Leopard, iLife 07, updated (Santa Rosa) MacBooks and MBPs, and iPhone. Hoping for a mini with 3.5" HDD, but not holding breath.

    We will get one of the following:

    1) Two MacBooks

    2) One Macbook and two iPhones

    3) Two MacBooks and one iPhone

    4) One MBP and one iPhone

    5) One MB and one mini-with-3.5"-HDD (and one iPhone)

    Additionally, we'll get an AirPort Extreme and two or three 500-750GB external HDDs (for video/music/photo storage and Time Machine backups), and a set of nice external speakers (our comp will become our entertainment center).
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